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August 14, 2006



Wish I coulda been there this weekend! Looks like a creative fest! You look SO demure for your tv appearance my dear!..Just lovely!...

aunt matilda

agreeing with Bec's comments about your TV look - am hoping for some make up & style tips myself...pleeese !You are a legend !
PS love the look of your classes - wish I could have got messy with paint too...xx


ADORE the pic of sweet little Ivy - your mini mascot...too cute for words !!!

mou saha

Thank you so much. Its super cool that you wrote about me complete with photo.I'm going to cherish this forever.


What is the project? It looks fun! Or is it classified? lol Details!


Hey...the picture turned out cute! Are you going to come back and take a picture of ME tomorrow so I can put one on my blog?!? :) lol So fun finally getting to "meet" you in person today!!


omg... i wil go DIE in a corner now! ha! so much fun...too much fun! You look MARVELOUS in your pretty make up btw.!!! you go girl!


ROFLMAO! Your post cracked me up. Sounds like a fab weekend.
Congrats on your tv spot.


Information over load!!

WOW on seeing your name on that big ol' sign!!

ANd double WOW on filming a DIY segment!

Rock it girl, ROCK it!!


truly awesome pix. especially love Ivy and Ana/Mick. too funny.
I would hang the sign up in the house, for A little while anyway!


Love the sign, love how fun you are, and I can't wait till your class in Boston!! See you then!!!


I am going to have to make it to one of your classes. It looks like so much fun!


i love your pics!! so much fun happenin! especially love your mini mascot...adorable!

sarah green

That project looked awesome.... would love to know how to do it - for us unlucky out-of-towners- like kiwi's

sarah h

oh man.
that just looks like it was WAY too much fun!!!

Can't wait to see you on TV!!! Do let us know, please!!!!


Amazing! Congrats on such success!! You deserve it. And the pic of Ivy...too cute :)


the photo of your friend & mick...what a hoot!
love love love that sign! darn hanging it in the lounge room, make a statment hang it outside the apartment for all to see!! Hehe!


oh, how fun...fun, fun, fun, E!!!

Cody Carter

Hi Emily! My mom and I really enjoyed meeting you and taking your classes! Would love to meet you again someday! From "the one boy" AKA Cody :)

Wendy Zeller

Hi Emily! I wanted to tell you I totally enjoyed your class at the Scrapbook Answers Weekend. I did a day pass on Saturday and felt totally lost (especially since I felt like I walked miles to find the building!!!). You made me feel so welcome in your class. You were awesome....and so was the project! I took it to work today and all the ladies oohed and aahed....Thank you so much. ~Wendy


love love love the photos...And YES I do love you more than SATAN...Miss you...Weird? Your TV look is HOT...Sexy Craft Sultress...LOVE it! So sorry about your Grand Dad, I'm thinking about you! Can't wait to see you in Boston...So can't wait...
kiss kiss


wow the Cod-ster...love his comments!
kiss kiss


What is the show you will be featured on? It is on DIY??? Do they now have a scrapbooking show??? Wow, would love to find out. Cutie patootie pic of Ivy...When and where is the next sign up for one of your classes???

Kim Caldwell

Just have to say -- LOVED your classes at GW -- they set me free. LOVE your heart and spirit in just the short time getting to know you. Your the bomb.com! What a special man your Grand Dad was -- scrap, scrap, scrap his amazing life. . . Hoping to see you at Sweetpeas Sat!


alex kemp

i have to see the tape of that show. if it is as good quality viewing as "alf stewart's megaquiz" then it will be a huge hit!
how good are you! you never cease to amaze me darl!!!

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