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August 18, 2006


Dede Warren

lizards are to you, what wild mice are to me! no way will you see me in such a {fear factor} act! good mum! indeed!!! enjoy our abundance of fun!!


I love to watch the parents squirm while the kids are loving the exotic creatures! I think I was the only girl scout mom who would touch the lizard & snake!

Shawnna / flipflopmom

SO fun!!
it is great that you take her to do fun stuff -- they grow up too fast

ok - my comment may be hazed by the fact that BOTH of my children went to school this week :( no more trips to the library for STORYTIME for us -- at least not until next summer ;)


Oh how cute!! Little Ivy is just adorable! Hey - speaking of fun schtuff - you've got to take Ivy to "Tinker" - it's a bit of a trek, it's in Sherman Oaks - but all kinds of amazing fun art classes for kids - the place is AMAZING!!! :)


lizards and snakes don't bother me but i did used to get a fright when the big resident stumpy tail would make a surprise appearance at one particular rental house we lived in...so cute the little couple.


Lizzards and snakes oh my...
Miss you lady...
Can't wait to see you Wednesday in Boston...
kiss kiss


you go girl.... looks like my dear little friend takes after her auntie ana... haha.. love and kisses to Ms. Ivy. Tell her we will come and play again soon...


love that top pic em!

Michelle Anderson

how cute are they em! also love thr top photo!


aww, they are so sweet!!

Lizards don't bother me much...and garden snakes... haahaaa My thing is spiders!! EWWWW!!

She's so brave!

sarah h

snakes! (shudder)
cute Ivy and her boyfriend!!!

Rev. M

Don't be scared that she is already discussing mariage and kids, it just goes to show how much she cherishes what you and Mick have and wants to have that someday for herself!!!


OMGosh, you are not kidding!! Last year there was this blue tongued lizard on our front porch!! Freaked me OUT!!


Gotta love Australia!!


Ivy and her boyfriend are so cute!
P.S. Seeing my baby with a snake would make me squirm too!

Bek-Aussie Chick

Does that mean you are coming *home* soon???
Oh sorry to be so lame and self centred... but it is after all ~All about Me~
And I want to know when you are coming back to Oz *grin*
BTW... Ivy and the boyfriendo... so very cute.
Been missing you.... cause I have been away from my computer... With ALI and Cathy!!! Yes thats right. Now I want to meet you too!! And Tara.
Have you all 'round for a barbie!!!

Miranda Kirby

You are definitely ahead of me in the "making the most of L.A." game! I think I'll be more excited to explore the city again once the weather turns and all of the teenagers are off of the road and back in school. :)




awww...they are so adorable together!!...ahhh..young love blossoming!

Heather Moll

Awwww, a boyfriend!!! So sweet! LOL!
And that boa is SO freaky!!!!! ICK!!!! I think I would have just passed out! The photo is almost too much for me! You are one heck of a mom, Emily!

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