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August 21, 2006



Liz!!!..the little sweetie! What a good friend to have in a scrap space fix!!!...and Ivy's hair looks SO cute!...and in Char's skirt...(sniff)..
Ivy...Char says you look beautiful!!!


lookin' good! have you broken it in with paint yet?


Way to go Liz and Mick! :) Love that space...especially the old door on the wall. :)

Bek-Aussie Chick

Loving your scrap space.
Fantastico sista!
And Ivy's hair.
Cute *AS*


I love your baby's hair how cute. New space is really cool to. Love reading your blog. Happy Monday.


ahh, so happy you're finding a little happiness to lift you, even if temporarily! THe craft corner is divine, so jealous and if liz ever needed a new friend she would have one for life if she came and worked such magic on my "eclectic" area.
Hey no need to buy those little crocheted flowers! THey are so easy to make! I'm going to make you some!
I have girls too who rarely let me play with their hair! such a treat when they do!
xoox, t


I might swipe that chair while you are gone to Beantown! It was so comfy! You are going to create some wonderful things in that space!! Good luck this week.

sarah green

Love your scrap space!! What an awesome friend you have in Liz... love her blog too!! and your wee cutie looks so sweet with her hair all done up!


love the look of your jammed packed albums and books! lovely colours in there! how cute does this beauty look with her hair all beautiful... miss you guys!

Sharon Franolich

look at you all at home over there! the scrap space looks really great.

love sharon (perth)


y'know, I mapquested lucky 15 and have tried 3 times now to find it, and I am starting to think it just doesn't exist. That or I really suck at following directions...


ivy looks ADORABLE with her hair like that. i am totally doing that to anna.

Bek-Aussie Chick

BTW... I am having a teary for you and *your* Bec missing each other... and both your kiddies missing each other too.
Bottom lip out.
sniffle sob...
YOU hang in there Ems... imagine when you do see each other again. SO much joy.
ANd between now and then you are BUSY girl!


looks awesome! liz and mick are awesome! :)


you are one lucky gal...Mick, Liz and Ivy...what could be better? and a cool studio...xoxo

jill s

love your new scrap space.
ivy looks adorable! :)

have a beautiful day.



Liz and Mick make quite the "extreme studio Makeover team" Love your rockin new space!! enjoy yourself creating in it! Tena

Kim Caldwell

Isn't it great to have a cool space to create in! Love it! I showed little Kate the pic of Ivy with her hair done HOPING she would let me "do" hers. No luck -- I guess she will continue to look like a wild child!



Your new space looks awesome!!! Are those little black baskets in the 2nd photo from IKEA? They are super cute! And Ivy's hair- adorable!


I love the new scrap space. Ivy is adorable.


so cool & very inspiring...i need to organize my pit of a space too!...& that really is one of my favorite things about scrapbooking...getting to organize! yum!:)


lurv your space...the door is v cool!!
ivy looks so grown up with her hair all braided! :)

sarah h

oh that looks delightful!!!! I bet you were skipping happy! Ivy looks very cute with her princess braids!


That work space is cool!


Your friend Liz is a whiz. I am oh-so-jealous. I have been staring at my pathetic excuse for a scrapbooking corner for 2 months now. I STILL have not organized it (we just moved in at the beginning of this summer). Think she might want to head north and give a pathetic sistah some aid? BTW, my 4 yr old needs to be bribed to sit still for me. And she now hates hair knots, which I think are too cute... but apparently not so cool anymore. Good job!

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