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January 21, 2007


Susan Gilman

OMG...I am hyperventilating over the chance to buy these KITS!!!!!! Note how closely I am STALKING the blog to get the prompt of the day....(it's quite mad, no? but in a non-single-white-female way, I promise!)

Off to get my card started (after I email you with my ORDER!!!!!)

Danielle Nilsson

LOVING the 3rd week challenge :D

Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

jill s

here's mine!:)


love yours em. you rock.


sarah the kiwigirl

Have just emailed you wanting the kits...all of them! Hope I am not too late..love your card for this week - awesome I have to try that technique!!!

Patty S

i look forward to this!!! the kids are in bed so i can play and be CREATIVE. Here's mine:


Well, I've finally put the first 2 challenges up on my blog (which I just started because it'd make communicating so much easier!). Now, off to get started on #3 :) Love your 'I am' card, Emily!


Hopefully that works :)


Hiya Em... firstly I cant wait to meet you in Sydney in April... I will be online for tickets asap once they come up :-) Kiwi Scraps do the *BEST* scrap functions ever!!

Secondly... I finally got organised so you can go here for my first three cards:

Thanks for the challenge, I am really enjoying these. MUCH FUN.
Bek x


Woo Hoo! I'm not last this time! LOL Here's my third card... I'll be putting up my case soon!



Woops! I got so excited I forgot to put up the link! LOL



Hi em, love your card. So glad you said about the image transfer as I've tried this before and it did'nt work bu6t I was'nt using a metal spoon. Tried it today and it worked, though I still need some practise.
Here's my card http://batteryhill.blogspot.com/


Here is my week 3. http://www.chucklesandgrins.blogspot.com/ Love the image transfer! Will have to try it sometime. Look forward to next week's prompt. Have a good week.


here's my week 3: http://desertbloom.typepad.com/desert_blooming_right_now/2007/01/wings_to_fly.html
thanks for the inspiration sunshine!


What a wonderful challege, I might join you. At least I'm gonna try the image transfer, looks great!



Awesome idea. Love your cards so far. I have done my cards and am really having fun with this. Thanks


Oops here is link http://abigoldcreativeblank.blogspot.com/


I love the transfer idea! I have tried transferring using a transparency, but I havent had any transparencys in a while, so I might try this technique! Gosh I LOVE your handwriting!! Thanks for putting the prompts up every week! There are so many amazing people who I have drawn inspiration from already!! xx



So loving these challenges, this is mine for this week.


Here's mine.


Love to go over all the blogs and see the art everbody's made. This challenge is so inspiring!


I also tried the same transfertechnique a couple of weeks ago, only I did it with a black&white print of my deskprinter and some nailpolishremover and it worked as well!


awesome tranfer image!
Your cards rock Em!


Your card looks awesome Emily. I love the transfer...I'm going to have to try that sometime!

Here is my card this week. Thanks for taking a peek!



here are my first 3 cards em!
thanks for doing this...what an awesome gift to give ourselves this year!


oops...here's my link:


Amy Kyle-Percy

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the card Emily! ANOTHER KILLER creation & idea from you!

You got me drooling over the Mini art Journal Kit too! You CRUEL WOMAN, You! LOL

Thanks soo much for the KILLER comment you left me re: my week #2 card too! You are the GREATEST!

Take Care & Happy Creating,


I am loving this challenge! Here is my card for this week:


Thanks for peeking - can't wait for next week!

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