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February 11, 2007



Great class it looks like, great fun!

PROLIX from la Normandie

You're lucky!
her site & blog looks so cool and interesting!!!

it must be a great class to follow!!!

and merci for your deck cards challenge!!!
if you only could know how happy it makes me each week!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Nice T-shirt U made!


What AWESOME t-shirts!!!


This is SO COOL!!TFS!


Glad you had fun in your tee class and got home safe and sound. Must ask though, am I the only one dying to find out what our next Deck of Me challenge is?


OOh, cute shirts! (I agree with Debbie, I am as well dying to find out what the Deck of Me is next! :))


awesome shirt!
I also see many possibilites in this craft!


Very cool - can you share how you made the shirts? They are very cool!


Actually, Ivy doesn't look like she's picking her nose - it looks like her babydoll is! :) Hee, kids are so funny :)

Love the shirts - wow - it looks like such fun!!!


i SO WISH i was close enough to take that class...LOVE those tees and loved your peace tee..take care!

erin m

i'm an amy tan fan too! how funny! i have about 5 of her t-shirts! amy and her mom are soo nice!
i was going to take this class too w/ a friend, but couldn't cuz we had luke's b-day party. maybe you met my friend in the class...

Angie from ScrapScene

That is so cool! I just posted about your work here: http://www.scrapscene.com/2007/03/scrapbook-trend-watch-reverse-applique.html

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