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April 17, 2007




So good to talk to you today! I miss you! Have a wonderful rest of your trip!


Amy Kyle-Percy

Beautiful pics & Happy B-Day Em! Soo glad you are able to spend it somehwere you are soo happy. Soo glad you are enjoying your time. Thanks soo much for posting the pics for us to see.

Take Care,

beth j

so glad you are having a great time! the belly shot is awesome.


Looks like your having an amazing time!! Love all your photos!!
Xx Jess

Charin Reed

Love these pictures! I had the same purple maternity top that you're wearing, loved it. :) Nice and comfortable.


Awesome - so glad you are having such wonderful fun :) Fish and chips, eh? Yummy indeed!

Love the 'twin' bump photo! Also like the 'twin' bum photo ;) Hee, so cool you get to enjoy some relaxation and surf while there. Perhaps next time you can show your mad surfin' skillz. Ivy and her friend seem like they are having lots of fun!

My husband always talks so fondly of NZ, that I hope to venture there someday. Your pics just cement that! Thanks for sharing them...

P.S. Happiest of Birthdays, girl!!! Hope it was truly and amazing one :)


love your belly shot em. gorgeous.


tara w

i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees you veddy veddy mush.


HAHAHA, the star pants are famous now!...and Elvis too. Hope you are all having fun in Rotorua nad that you had a special birthday!

Anna-Marie Still

Thanks so much for sharing your travels! It looks simply devine!


Loving your pics Em!


Have a wonderful time , good to see you enjoying it so much, great photo's ! sweet greetings from Dani

Shell Mackay

ooohhhhhh you are making me so homesick - I want some fish and chips too!


Love the pics here. Looks like you are all having a ball.

PROLIX from la Normandie


I believe one of my old class camrades left France to live in New Zealand.

it's very beautiful country. I didn't know this landscapes.

merci for the pics.

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


I found your blog through Kelly McCaleb's blog. I think I know you through Alex Kemp. Are you the same Emily I met years ago in Utah?

BTW, I do not know Kelly, I only know her sister in-law, Mandee.

Hope you are the same Emily because that would be super freaky.


Anna Molina-Wilkinson

Happy Birthday babe!

You sound like you are having such a good time! I am so happy for you.

Take care and have a great time!

Judy in Carefree

So loved NZ when we were there for a week last year. Enjoy the mud in Rotorua...we did and loved the cultural center. The hills and sheep were wonderful!


it looks amazing! i'm glad you are having a good time !

deb munn

So glad you are having such a good time on your trip. Wanted to wish you a very happy (although belated) birthday my friend. May your every wish come true!!


Yay! Rotarua..all that mud and steam. I went to NZ to stay with my BFF when my eldest was just a little tacker...so nearly 13 years ago. It was such a wonderful place and so laid back. I love the wildness off it...which is totally different to the widness of Tassie (where I'm from). Seeing your photos actually made me feel really homesick for Tasmania though...funny how it works.


OH, all the pictures from your fab journey is so lovely!
Please Say hello to Rhonna from me too, guess you guys are having a really good time. Have a nice weekend and good luck on all your classes!!!
I'll stay at home, in Norway this time, even if my legs are burning to go down under... ;)
My new stamps just arrived, so I'll go to the large Scrapbook-rubberstamp-exhibition here in Oslo next weekend. Looking foreward to that too. :-) Allways fun to meet other creative people.
Love to hear about your trip, so I'll definately pop in here to see how you are doing in NZ and Australia.



Hi Emily so pleased you're loving your time in NZ. Rotorus is a fantastic place with the geysers, mud pools, trout, lake etc, I'm sure you will be loving it.

It's beautiful blue skies in Wellington today, if a little bit cool. I hope the weather is treating you well up north.


Hi Emily! I loved Rotarua---we were there about 18 years ago! Have a wonderful time in NZ. Fish and Chips! Oh My goodness! It is one of my favorite things about Scotland. I will surely miss it---especially with cheese on the chips!

Natália Corrêa

Hi, Emily! I'm from Brazil and I'm linking your blog on mine. I knew it through a friend, that was making the deck of me.

I want starting the art journal, but it is on week 15, right? I'm veeeery late.

Kisses to you!


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