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July 22, 2007


Amy S Kyle-Percy

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it Em! Soo sweet & cute! LOVE the tiny flower & the swirl on the back! GREAT JOB (as ALWAYS)!

Hope you have a GREAT week!


P.S. I'm sorry I have gotten SOO behind! I'm hoping to get caught up this week.


I agree, sleep deprivation is an excellent excuse for just about anything. Milk it for all it's worth! But your layout and card look great, can't tell by them that you aren't getting enough sleep ;)

Here's my card for #27.


Rachel Whetzel

I can't believe it! I got mine done tonight! Not at all as motherly as yours, but I loved your prompt, and knew straight away that I had to do my card about this.


And I'm done too!!! Another great prompt Em! Your card is so lovely with your sweet little girl!
You can find my card on my blog:

PROLIX from la Normandie


pretty cards!

Ngai're is so cool!!!


I hope one day you'll join us to SIS TV board!!!

It's so cool!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


i love your card emily ...
mine is here
hope things are going well for ya!
have a great week
luv chanel


At last I have caught up, Numbers 27, 28 and 29 all done. I was inspired by your baby this week.
Here tis -http://batteryhill.blogspot.com/


Ooooh!! Pretty card!! Its nice to see the 'other side' of the card!! lol
Thought I'd link you to my storage tin! Fits heap of cards in it!!
Love that beautiful pic of Yindi! Im sure you'll get lots of use out of that one!
Will have to get my card done soon to stay up to date!! Have a great week!
xx Siany


very pretty card! I really love the page you made for her scrapbook. I, too, have been very rusty. Thanks for the inspiration!


Gorgeous definition of perfection. A newborn child or animal is pure.

Mine is over on my blog. Thanks for the prompts.I look so forward to them each Monday.


Dale Anne

I have decorated a cigar box for the holder of my cards.......because I'm using a large deck.
I'll have to photograph it and post on my blog.
I just LOVE your prompts and your finished one is so precious!!!


Love the technique. I will definitely have to try it. I hope my attempt comes out as beautiful as yours.


What a great card Emily!!! Love it! Mine is up, follow the link and you will see it! And there is more, for you who are interested, keep on reading this post:-)


this is gorgeous.
i love the idea of the baseball card sheets!
my boys want some right now for their pokemon cards. ill get you a pack.


Ok :) So after many problems and have-no-time days I'm trying to catch up all prompts ;)
This week prompt is so cute - but I need time to think about it. So for now - one of recent prompts (week 13):
Thank you Emily for your comment - I will be proud to be honor auntie :))) If you could have some mail art for you and your daughter from my piece of Earth - let me know - via e-mail.
And all girls - especially Janet - thank you for encouraging me by your sweet comment!


You think putting the wrong month on is bad? I actually misspelled my daughter's name on a scrapbook page once! How bad is that?!

Your card this week is lovely Emily! I love the effect that you achieved with the transparency. It has a dreamy kind of feel to it.

Here is my card for the week: http://scrappinjenny.blogspot.com/2007/07/deck-of-me-challenge-week-29.html



Gorgeous card Emily.
Here`s mine for the week.http://elinapeters.blogspot.com/search/label/Art%20journal%202007


Here's mine for this week
Love your card Emily, what a great effect and well done you for keeping these challenges going. When my second child was a newborn, I wasn't sure what planet I was on, let alone what day of the week it was :)


Oooh I love it, I am starting to think i should be doing these!!!

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here is mine!



My card for this week.



Thank U again for the inspiration U bring!

Lovely card!!!!!!

I too used my child on this card.

Here U can see:

Kim Archer

Hi Emily
Just popping in to say hi> I haven't visited for a little while so it was great to catch up on all your news. your layout of Yindi in a post further down is beautiful!!!!


I love your cute photo transfer - and what a cool technique! I did mine - very simple http://www.scrapbook-trends.com/


Hi there :) This is one more card for "Deck of me" challenge :) (I try to cath up all of them). It's about my initial and it's card from week 11. Link below:
Take care all of you! Greetings from Poland to everybody! :)

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