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July 25, 2007


heather wilson

oh i love to look at freshly organized stuff!

so sweet that you and your daughter share a passion for the same hobby! I'm jealous....but hey...maybe one of my boys will like to scrapbook...???? is that too girly for a boy??? their daddy might think so?!

Amy Tangerine

LOVE the new scrappy area honey!


Oooh looks fabulous! You'll have to share some of Ivys artworks!! xx


Oh Em, this looks PERFECT ;), so organized !!! much better then my chaos !!


your new area looks so fabbo em....so you actually.
and how clever you are to get yourself so organised with all that was going on in your life.
i bet miss ivy just loves her "mummy time" as much as mummy does.
take care xxoo


i love the way you manage to make any area look so creatively inviting...its a real talent...makes me want to scrap just looking at your stuff all stashed away in such interesting nooks & crannies !! xxxx


Am loving your Arty Area!! That fabric looks soo delish and can't wait to see what Lil' Miss Ivy's l/o's look like...so cute that you two share this special bond...me and my son{5} do as well...so awesome:)

jill s

this is such a gorgeous space.

sage loves to scrap too.

it's so fun to have a little buddy.



Awie, that looks great!!!! Love those old drawers...specially the smell LOL
Have fun togehter Emily, nothing better to spend your day!


your space looks beautiful!
enjoy as much time as possible together...

Scrapbooking Techniques: Sewing on Paper

Wow, I love your shelves and flea market score!!


My 9-year-old duaghter (only girl with 3 brothers) loves to scrapbook with me. We have a great time! She also has a couple of friends who create with their moms, too, so we all get togethers once in a while.

Michelle Gauthier

Love your space..very cool organization. And the folded fabric looks very enticing!

kate hagelin

great space - glad you're making time to scrap!!!

Anna-Marie Still

Lovin' the view! I too have a new space in our new home to scrap & stamp! It feels so good to have a new space! I have a few pic on my blog - but I'll have to add some more! David got me the coolest new paper sorter!!! My jars are up on my shelf - but most of them are still empty! Still deciding which embellies get the priveledge of habitating the jars! LOL!

BTW- We were at a lovely flea market last weekend and Aedan spotted a little koala there and said it looked just like the one you sent him! He just adores you for that!

Have a great day! Anna-Marie


This gorgeous organized just made this lurker comment--Gorgeous! That sounds like wonderful time spent!


I've been working on my studio/craft room since we moved back and hope to have it looking as inspiring as yours soon. Hope all is well :)


Your room looks great! Was the shelving built in? If they were - how totally cool! My little scrapspace has a sink in it...it should be a spare bedroom, which is a little odd to have a sink in it - but it is really, really convenient!

Really like how everything came together and that you and Ivy have your own space and time together. That has got to make her feel super special! Next time, share her LOs! We'd love to see them! xo


I love those wooden drawers. Right up my alley!
And where is this alleged mess?


that certainly does sound like a very happy afternoon.
how soon until yindi will be asking for her acrylic paints
and rub-ons?

your new space is looking great.


I would love it if you would share some of your techniques for scrapping with your daughter. Thanks for the continued inspiration.


PROLIX from la Normandie

bonjour Emily!!!

it's a very gorgeous space!!!
love the wood color!!!

bonne journée!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

deb munn

oh i love what you have done with your new space! completely inspires me to re-work the space i've got. got a week off in august and now i know how i'm going to spend it! so excited to roll up my sleeves and make my little corner work.
~deb~ xo


Oooo I'm so jealous, love those cute wooden drawers... and all your ribbons hanging down, how cool is that - Ah, might have to go to Ikea now too, heheh
Donna x

Danielle Nilsson

What great fun to have "Mommy Time"!!!!
I can't wait to see her beautiful layouts :D

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