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November 04, 2007



aw cute! I know you have have a bookshelf to be proud of :) and you know our house is nothing fancy but we are comfortable here and dont worry about little fingerprints and spilled drinks :) makes life a bit less stressful....and its all just 'things', not whats important


funny em - i just emailed you and then checked your blog - i really needed to hear what you wrote. thanks xxx

Bina :)

That's right you have enough incense to burn now :) Humm it smell so good!! I like your house it's not ugly!


I think its a beautiful home Em - you have a special knack of creating a wonderful artistic, comfortable & welcoming home environment ! Oh, I adore that card - my favourite ever because you know I love robins .......!!xxx


Well is'nt that just the cutest little card, its got a very comforting feel to it..I love that paint colour you used and the bit of lace.


a home is never anything to be embarrassed by because it is the people and the love inside that make a home not the possessions. so happy for you all that you are home and all is well.


Glad to here you are home, and everything is ok!!! I know a little bit how you must feel about home... but like everybody says... it's the people that live in in, that makes it a home!
Here's my card for this week..I think I feel a bit like you Emily!


Have a great week!


Fantastic theme for this week's prompt. Gorgeous card.
Mine has taken the best part of the day.



it's a good reminder. thanks. i do love my home, it may not be the biggest or nicest, but it's home. oh, and the incense comment... I love incense and always thought I would be able to burn them when I got my own home and din't have roommates that hated them, but then I married my DH and guess who else doesn't like them? go figure!


Love your card this week. I especially liked
the tree you made on one of your recent posts.
My husband burns incense everyday. He uses the
Liquid Blue brand. What brand do you use? As long as your family is together who cares where you live. You can make the smallest of places a comfortable home.


Here's mine for this week, http://good4thesoul.blogspot.com/
Great prompt as always Emily, really made me think about my home. It often drags me down when it's messy or full of clutter, but it's the people inside that make it a home :)


I totally understand how you feel Emily. For a long time I didn't like our house, but after fixing it up and adding some touches here and there, it's our home.

Here are my cards for last week and this week. Take care!


Trude Julie

Wow, what a nice card (adore the little bird). I fell behind a few weeks ago, but now I'm back and you can see my cards, including this weeks here: http://parentesfantomet.blogspot.com/2007/11/caught-up-again-dom.html

Heather H.

Beautiful card. I so agree with you about homes. I dwell too much on what I think our home lacks instead of focusing on what it does have. Here's my card for the week. http://alifesosimple.blogspot.com/


LOVE your card Em!
If you find out who makes those foam stamps I would love to know. I need a set small enough to use on my cards & such.

Ali Russell

Hi Em,
Loving your work so much right now!! Michelle Roberts (Matisse) mentioned you are coming back to Oz for a visit soon!! If you are interested in teaching in Rockhampton let me know!! VERY INTERESTED!!!
Have a great Day!
Ali Russell


cute card ... the bird is so sweet

mine is here

enjoy your week
luv c


Here are my cards for the last 2 weeks! Love your card, and never mind: what you make of a house/apartment is most important!

PROLIX from la Normandie

cute one!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Great prompt...love your card Emily!!
I'm done too girls!! You can find my card here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com
And now off to look at all your blogs!!

tanya ellis

A home is what you make it emily.
It's not what you have in it..It's who lives in it. It's who gives it heart and makes it alive and comfotable. Provides safety.
I know your home must be one of the most welcoming and beautiful places to be..Reflected by the beautiful family that nest in it. :0*


Oh, your post makes me cry.
Yes I might be too emotional.... I have used plenty of time to tell my self to be proud of my home.... and it is so strange to see somebody else feel the same way.
I'm sure your home is beautyful just like YOU, Emily. :)


We use to live in a nice house before we move here. My daughter still wants to move back to our old home. But, I don't get angry when my little one has an accident in the carpet while potty training! One positive is that they let us paint the walls any color we want to!


It's funny Em, after watching your life of a scrapbooker mock-umentary a few weeks ago, I would struggle to remember ANY furniture or stuff that you had (well maybe except for some of the scrapping stuff!) but I certainly won't forget how great your home "felt" - many, many people would love to have a home that "feels" as good as yours does, love Jo in Oz xx


Lately I had a very hot, busy and problemful time...but I try to catch up with our challenge. My card for that and 9th week is here:

Have a nice day!

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