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December 17, 2007



I'm on a roll today. Have so much I want to do so thought Id get on. Look forward to seeing your card soon. Hope the poorly babe is well quickly. Ear infections are not nice.



i'm on a roll too ... mainly cause its school holidays and i have a bit more time! yay!
mine is here ...
luv c


I hope little Yindi is feeling better very soon.

Just wondering, when you have a minute ... have you decided if you are going to run this challenge again next year? :)

jill scripps

poor girl! my little emerson is still getting over his double ear infections right now too! i hope she gets better REALLY quick!



Blessings to your little one...hope she feels better soon! The greatest gift I recieved is my 5 children (now 6 with a wonderful stepdaughter but feels so much like my own child..and she is with child and we will be Grandparents!!!) and my sweet hubby they are all wonderful and precious gifts! The best gift I ever gave....possibly I would have to say is on my daugthers birthday when we had no money and so I made her an art kit with many items from my supplies and of all the things she got..the art kit was the first thing she would get out to play with and still does! That! Made my heart smile!!

tara pollard pakosta

i wanted to do this all year long and just never did. i was wondering if you will be doing this for 2008? such a great idea!


I'm early today!! My card is on my blog

I sure hope little Yindi is feeling better soon, ear infections are so painfull!

Have a great week!


Here's my card:


I hope Yindi feels better soon! Have a great week.


Here is mine!

Thanks for the email at the end of last week Emily! Yes, it is getting cold here. We got over 19 inches of snow last week so we will be having a white Christmas. I'm glad no one gave you any grief over that doll!




Wow! WEEK 50!!!
Here are 45, 48, 49, and 50!

Happy Holidays All!

kirsty wiseman

i actually think that paper is Blue cardigan (gosh, im such a spotter!)


I'm not ready for this to end! Thank you, Emily, for such a great year! Here is this weeks and a catch-up:



Oh my gawd Em!! I'm on Tara's blog! well I'm not, my photo is. Little foot of my newborn niece in the nicu, LWarner..yay! made my day :)


Here are my latest cards including one about my greatest gift, the yellow box. You can read about it here:


I make my card today. Throw this prompt you realize a grateful somethings can be and throw that it became a greatest gift.

xo Simone


I make my card today. Throw this prompt you realize a grateful somethings can be and throw that it became a greatest gift.

xo Simone

Linda A. (elendae)

Hey there! Love your card this week. :) The paper is from Blue Cardigan: http://imaginationproject.com/catalog/images/BP24005-Elsies-Bouquet.jpg

Sending lots of wishes for a very happy Christmas!


When I first saw this prompt, I thought (like everyone else!)- oh, my kids!

Then I thought DUH, let's be a bit less obvious.

So I decided to focus on my most challenging act of giving, Christmas 2005, to my eldest child away from home and family for the first time at in the festive season.

But how to condense a fairly complex tale onto a playing card? Well, I hope I succeeded - it is by no means an arty card, but it records the joy we experienced, I hope.



My card for this week is done and on my blog..



I'm done!!! You can find it her: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com


Here's mine for this week
Your card is great Emily, love the colours :)


Whew...it's been a busy week for me, but I got mine done! Check it out here:


WOW week 50 already I have sooo much catching up to do, but here is my Greatest Gift card, not my best work but done none the less


TFL. Hope you are all getting sorted for Christmas - See ya Janine :)

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