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April 23, 2008



absolutely dying dying dying over that footsie pic.
MAKES ME FEEL something.
love it.


WOW! she sure is talented!!!! Love those pics!


Love the toes. Pure consentration.


My granny teached me how to knit when I was about 5. I started on a muffler for my other granny but before I could finish it I had forgotten how to knit so I gave it to her to finish herself ;-) I still can't knit but I always enjoyed watching my granny knit (she knitted me some sweaters when I was little).


I need her to teach ME how to knit! I agree about the toes pic...so so cute!


oh! that foot photo...it makes that more perfect...the cutest thing. ever


how fun! I am always impressed when little ones learn to knit... I started with crochet when i was a little one, so I am always impressed!!


i bought a klutz kids book to teach myself to knit. i can't get the slip knot down, never mind step three. i am trying to surprise my mom with something for christmas.....i am thinking away head good thing since i am stuck on step 2


These are adorable photos. I especially love the one of the toes, her concentration is all the way down in her toes. She creates with her whole being... Thanks for sharing such a beautiful mommy moment... very sweet.


i, too, have a thing for little tiny toes! there's one on my blog about maddy's *pink piggies*! too adorable...and what a talented girl she is! :)

kirsty wiseman

those photo's are class!
Just look at that wee minx's lil face.
And don't get me started on those tootsies!


adorable pics - how sweet Ivy looks & SOOOO grown up - funny thing is I've been knitting lately - so when I come & visit there will be 3 generations of knitters - watch out Mick, I see a knitted tie coming up hahaha !!

Danielle Melnyczenko

Hi Emily,
Love these pics. I'm trying to learn myself... haphazardly I must admitt. I did a little post on Ivy's handiwork. I directed the link directly to the post :)
Have a great weekend and happy stitching oxox


Oh I love those toes :) - I need to get better at knitting before I can teach my 8 year old. We've done the 'Nifty Knitter' together and she loved it, but that's so missing the point.


that is just about the cutest thing ever! love that poem. and those toes!

Anne Thompson

Oh, that is soooo sweet! My little girl is 5, and I wondered if she is ready to try too!? You've inspired me to teach her! I'm totally going to try the finger knitting too. And I LOVED your post about Earth day, so many great idea's! Anne


I really, really, really love picture 2......her face......love it


Em, you are such a good Mom! I love the pictures! Someday Ivy will have girlfiends staying the night, sitting around in PJ's, listening to music, and she will be teaching them to knit. Sounds fun, when are you having a sleep over for us. LOL Rainy


Oh my goodness the cuteness of the toes.

I wish you both were closer - I'm inviting some friends over for knitting at my house on Saturday!

m i c h e l l e

Cute cute pictures! I LOVE how she knits with her whole body...including her toes. :-)

Judy in Carefree

How cute is that!?


She is such a gorgeous little thing-she always seems to glow from within. As one knitter trying to teach the world (and the kids in my 7 yo daughter's class) to knit all I can say is "you go, girl!"


hey! were you in seattle in the photo in your banner?


catherine feegel-erhardt

ivy you are the best!
emily...you are the best mum!
great job!
love these photos!
love this whole experience!
thanks for sharing

Amy Tangerine

look at ivy rocking those knitting needles!
i love it!

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