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May 21, 2008


tara pakosta

what's the difference between using the blender or a juicer? i was thinking of buying the Champion Juicer? what do you thiNK? i usually just use my blender for smoothies but then what's the juicer for?
thanks so MUCH! i love all your helpful ideas!


Yay for green smoothies! :) Love the pics Em. I can jump in and answer your question, Tara. When you blend the smoothie instead of juice, you are retaining the fiber from the food. Juicing takes out all the fiber, but does offer amazing benefits as well (i.e. the nutrients are absorbed very quickly). They are two very different beasts :) I have a Champion, and I love it. But I only juice occasionally, whereas I make my green smoothies daily. If you want a more detailed explanation, check out Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko.

Christi Otis

Whoa, that actually sounds pretty darn fantastic...thanks for the link! :)


looking forward to sharing some green delish-isness together !!


I started doing her green smoothie challenge last week. I'm loving the mango parsley smoothie! Love the popsicle idea!!!


Ivy is the best advert for this !!! BTW - your new camera straps look FANTASTIC....


just ordered a blender with Visa Card points! And grandma still has spinach in her garden... not for long though, the frosts hit last night!

Sasha Farina

wow... I'm amazed Em! You're a great mom having been able to make your girls drink vege!! Mine? urgghh.. its a battle everyday!


We have lots of smoothies too, but I haven't done spinach. We keep frozen berries in the freezer to make smoothies and any left overs go straight into the icypole mould for after school. This morning I juiced apples, orange, carrots, celery, cucumber and then put it in the blender with wheat grass (I grow my own) and berries for a wake up smoothie. Yum. But watch out spinach, I'll be trying that next! I also like the sound of mango and parsely. I'll definitely have to check out this web site!


I have yet to try the spinach one, but I love spirulina. Google it if you don't know about it. It is such an amazing superfood! I have the powder that we put in smoothies. Strawberry, blueberry, banana with a tsp. of spirulina, organic yogurt and a splash of juice. It's amazing and you are right. Totally fends off any cravings for sweets! I lost most of my baby weight just by drinking those daily!!! :) can't beat that!

Sarah Heroman

I wanted to do that too! In fact, I bought fresh spinach the this week for that very reason!

Of course, I just finished shlugging down my Dr. Pepper. Good on me, right?


Im glad you posted this. We are starting the green smoothie thing in the morning. I have been pouring over saras blog the last two days getting tons of yummy recipes!

rhonna farrer

YES>>>>love these puppies!
my kids drinking spinach? I NEVEr thought it was possible!
but, we ALL love them!

what blender did you buy? I think I need a new one! I've had the same one since we got married & it's starting to 'smell' when I blend...like it's gonna explode!

love ya, hon!


loving loving loving all this food talk and recipes. keep it up! it's so inspiring, and i'm off to make one of these for lunch! and rice nut pilaf for dinner! yum.


I saw this on Sara's blog (thanks for introducing me to her blog by the way!) and I have been wanting to try it. I already love making smoothies so what's a little spinach added to the mix?!

anna aspnes

We do Kale, Berry and Orange Smoothies at our house. The VitiMix goes with us most places.

rachel whetzel

That LOOKS so good!! I think I'm gonna have to try a few!!

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