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July 29, 2008



this is so beautiful...really, really beautiful.


hi there ~ i love your blog (and tara's too!), and i just wanted to thank you two for sharing....looking at this photo reminds me of what it was like to be a young girl - carefree, living in the moment - and also reminds me that inside, that little girl is still me. we become so detached sometimes from the younger us - it can seem like a lifetime ago. and art, creativity, and expression are such wonderful ways to get back in touch with that inner child. thank you for the reminder that i needed today! :-)


I've always loved Mary Oliver poems & Walt Whitman too. Seriously--thanks for this. :)

I like what the photographer said about you and Tara, "These women have an energy that draws you into their presence". I completely agree with this & maybe that's why I enjoy reading your blog so much (TOTALLY love Tara's pics too). Either that or you guys are secretly kindred spirits I knew in another life.

Hope you had the most amazing birthday---you deserve it! :)


All i can say is WOW !!!...you are a very lucky girl !!

xx Dani

lorraine uk

I loved the poem, going to google her and read some more of her work.
As for the photo, it lovely to connect with another woman,or as christine just said a kindred spirit.
This evokes something in me.. a longing that im searching for..

Have good day.


so comfortable...with eachother...so truly beautiful...what a gift.


what a gorgeous poem and such a sweet pic!!

Heather W.

magical & oh so lovely...

Holly C.

What a lovely photo. I'm glad you have each other.

Lisa Russell

We just got back into town from vacation, and I had a chance to sit down and read through your blog and came across, which I think are, two hints...

Are you expecting???

I don't want to start rumors...but had to ask with your little "hints" and smiles that I saw.

Blessings to you,


Charmaine Thompson

the photo makes me wish............ for things i haven't had time to even thnk about for so long.......... peace and tranquility


Happy belated birthday em. What a magical day you shared. I love the pic of you and Tara together. A friendship that you both share is so special and what a blessing it is.


thanks for bringing peace to my morning...being an outdoorsy/nature girl from oregon i can appreciate the serenity of that poem.......

Charin Reed

That is so lovely :) :)


What a beautiful, beautiful gift!

stacy t

that took my breathe away. happy birthday to you em - may your upcoming year be filled with love and laughter.


oh how beautiful and etheral. Wow!

Denise is such a talented photographer. She has found her calling....photographing artistic souled fairies like you and Tara.


Catherine Sebree

Happy Belated Birthday!! Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing!


i love you.


I read your blog all the time and love it but I think this post is my favorite. Just beautiful. Beautiful poem, beautiful friends, beautiful picture. Just beautiful.

Stephanie Jedlicka

I LOVE, love LOVE that picture!!!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Cassie Hunter

This photo is breathtaking. I don't know either of you, but follow your blogs religiously, and no image has ever had such an impact on me. I actually got all teary. You two are soooooo lucky to have such amazing friends in each other. Trully beautiful.
Wonderful birthday present Tara. Amazing pic Denise. Amazing.
Cass H
Western Australia

Andria B.

Wow! What a beautiful photo. Reading the story behind the phrase "Garden Friend" is also beautiful on Denise's blog! You are such an amazing soul. Love and light to you and your family.

NZ Chloe

What an utterly divine photo!


This photo is one of the most gorgeous and sweetest photos I have ever seen! It brings a bit of magic with it and comforts my soul with sweet memories and daydreams that I may have never been able to fulfill as a young girl...it keeps me youthful and reminds me that those moments never die!

I just started reading your journal, sent here by a friend. I've read back quite a ways and I have to say you are *amazing*. You inspire me, spark my creativity a little more, and make me want to love being myself. That sounds strange coming from someone you haven't ever spoken to, but it's true. Thank you for being beautiful you, and for letting me read! I look forward to reading as time goes on.

With affection, Stephanie

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