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October 16, 2008


candy robles

that is sooo cute! What a fun adventure to enjoy with your daughter!


jacqui jones

making fairy houses must of been in the air
we did that yesterday hehe
the joy of little girls hehe


That sounds like a great book. Ivy is growing so fast and I love that she always has a smile on her face. I'm so glad you have yours kids using their imagination it makes them so much more creative I think. I played Gilligan's Island with my friends when we were young, pretending we were stranded and making tons of mud pies. Just think what we would have missed out on if we would have had a Nintendo, or is the big thing a Play Station now adays? Oh well, Hugs to you and the family.


What a lucky fairy that one will be! You can just see all the love floating around in that house. I hope that it's close so that you can go back and visit.

Love the constant smiles on your children's faces. You can tell that they are happy children! As it should be.


I know, my Dad was fascinated with drawing fairies. They are quite magical. :-)


What such fun, I love all things fairies and the inspiration it gives our imagination. I feel a fairy journal kit coming on. :)Ivy you are the best, and Yindi too.....smiles
ps: Ivy pick me next time during a giveaway....LOL

Charin :)

That is so cute!! :) :)

tara pollard pakosta

oh man, makes me wish my girls were 5 again! although i really think at 7 and 8 they would still love doing this!!! my ava has that same shirt!!! CUTE!


My daughter loves making fairy houses...I'll have to send you some pictures for Ivy. Can I email them to you?
Lydia, Ohio USA


oh ivy, i wish i was a teeny tiny fairy so i could nestle snuggly in that beautiful little fairy house..it looks SO safe & cosy, you have done a wonderful job ! Lucky fairy who gets to live in there ! xxxxxxx


so sweet...
love the sweatshirt...
kiss kiss


that sweet little bug looks like a pure-hearted fairy with imagine-filled eyes and a magical soul.

With those ingredients, I think the fairies will definitely come.


You are such a great mum.

What a perfect spot for a fairy house. :)


I can see a little 3 year old boy doing than. Max and I will have to and find a place to make a fairy home

Chelsea Parsons

did Mick climb the tree to get that first shot?!!! Love!


Great photos. Do you remember that book "book of gnomes" or something? I had it as a kid and I would look at all the wonderful pictures of the gnomes living in and with nature and imagine that they were everywhere around me. I love the idea of fairy homes and fairy gardens.


Love this! Will have to get my favourite girl to come making fairy houses with me, the weather is just perfect for this right now in sunny Queensland!


my first tattoo was a beautiful fairy on my shoulder so that I would always remember my girlhood.


Hey, I know this was a while ago, but I was looking through some old CK mags and wanted to say that I loved seeing your baby wearing pages in a mainstream mag :)

Happy Creating :)

Tanya Webster

have you seen the movie "bridge to tarabithia"?? you need to watch it....its beautiful....and sad but so very beautiful :)


Yeah! I'm so glad we have more fairy house builders in the world!!
Also check out the "Kristen's Fairy Houses" DVD. It's a wonderful story of how the book came about and features lots of beautiful fairy house building :c)


My kids and I did this last year. They still proudly display theirs on their dressers or a shelf in their room. If you are interested, there is also a great movie made by the author of a book similar to the one you mention, where the authors niece visits her and they go to a special forest where people come and build fairy homes. It is very magical and lovely. My family loved it!


I found a link to the movie. You'll love it!


OH, what a wonderfully fun idea and I'm sure the fairies will appreciate their new home too. Great pics!


That is so sweet. I just saw an article about building fairy homes in a Family Fun magazine. It was such a cute idea!

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