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February 04, 2009


alice Marla

fantastic, thank you!!!


That is so fun!! I just tried it out with some pics of my kiddos! Thanks for the link and tip - I think I may be addicted already....


This is so cool! I have just done some of the pics of my kids - they are here if you fancy a laugh http://toomanystamps.blogspot.com


i love the new banner by the way. :)

Jamie Habermaas

What fun!!!

Love your new banner!!!


Too cool! Now I'm playing at the computer with pix instead of cleaning my house. *lol*

Laura Reaux

I can't even describe how much I love the new banner! Pure joy!

Cool images, too. I'll have to check that out. The red one of you is my favorite.


yay for great links! haha... i'm uploading some now... (love your banner em!)


oh my! it's been a long while since i have stopped by and boy do you have a lot of news! congrats my blog friend on the new little life...hurray for surprises! and i have to join you on the lack of creativity, motivation, gumption, whatever you want to call it...except i don't have anything to blame it on! i've got my own large pile of pages, etc waiting to be exibited to the world, but sadly alone in a box on my shelf...someday soon, i will have a day to get it all done :) happy day my friend!


love that new banner em, so cute !! also this funky site looks like fun, must try it sometime !! xxxx

heather fuentes

SO cool! i'm totally going to go play with that RIGHT NOW! thanks!


lovin the new digs!


your banner is the bomb! Thanks for the new site plug - way cool!


HAHAHAHA! Love you.


oh great site! I'll have to check it out!

Dixie Lee

Fun-ness! Can't wait to play with this!


love your new header! ;)

Holly C.

So cooooollllll!!!!!


Sigh...your new banner is beautiful. So serene and lovely. :)


LOVE the new banner! Miss you- xox


I am getting nothing done today because I'm having too much fun with that link!


Love the new banner...
And the bike!


Ha ha!! i am also one of those people who who may or may not own photoshop yet refuses to learn how to use it. hee hee. Glad i'm not the only one. :) Thanks for sharing the link & it was lovely to see some of your scrapbook pages this week. And the new banner is awesome!

amy tan

this is cool.
and of course i your new banner.
i decorated your messy journal and have been playing with it today :)


coolio - how much fun is befunky!
good timing as i need to make a few atc cards ( 50+ ) so now i have NO excuse for getting them done tomorrow afternoon ☺☺☺

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