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March 05, 2009



Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. It's so fun to have friends to be creative with!


Very art-inspiring and sisterhoodish! That studio is brilliant!


What exactly is vegamite? I've seen you mention in with absolute delight since reading your blog about a year ago...?????


Hi Em!

I have been a fan for a few years now of your blog. I have participated both times with you on the 52 question challenge due to you being so inspirational. I love your creativeness and fun approach you take.

I have nominated you to receive the "Kreativ Blog Award". I know these things go around but I put alot of thought into who I was nominated.

Stop over at my blog and check out the details!

tara pollard pakosta

how fuN! I get to see my friend soon for a weekend and I can't wait! we get our 4 kids together and they have so much fun!
love the elephants. my friend that i am going to see has a thing for elephants that started when she was just 3 years old. she picked up a stuffed animal elephant in the store and just looked at her dad with tears down her face, like please i want it. he got it for her and she still has it (along with 100's of other elephant things)>>>! i am always finding elephant stuff, journals etc. so fuN!


Yes, a beautiful studio!!

Em, you know I love your stuff, heck why else would I keep spending so much in your etsy shop!

P.S. Let me know when you're all done w/my art box! No hurry, but good to get updates. :)


Ah yes, I well remember those days of working in a small corner of my dining room with those rolly carts (except I had to take the wheels off so my kids would stop pushing them around). I finally got my own studio (20 x 20 feet -yay!) in August when we moved into our first home.


Love the elephant Miss Emily!
There is nothing better than time spent with chicadees, food and art. Elation!

I too had this wonderful experience at ArtNest. SO AMAZING!
come see what I did....pics on my blog.

Heather A

Oh, my what a beautiful room! It looks like so much fun to dig through and get crafty!!

Kerrie Sirmans (an Aussie alum)

I've got to tell you Em, I'm jealous. I wonder if I can talk my friend Nicole into moving over here with her husband and her three little terrors?! I'm so glad you got to enjoy some time away with friends. Almost feels like you're back home I'm sure??!! Have a great weekend!


What an amazing visit. I love spending days with my friends, just relaxing and talking, taking photos, drinking gallons of coffee and talking and talking and talking. I'm glad you had such a super time.

rachel whetzel

LOVE the art taking place!! Just noticed your hip pouch in your etsy store... VERY MUCH wish I had the money to throw at THAT today!! :) I LOVE it.

Sandra Collins

sounds like it was wonderful


You were in Vegas and I didn't get to meet you?!

And however did you make it in the car for such a long trip? :)

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Wish your friend blogged too. (I'm assuming you would have linked her if she did.)


Rhonna Farrer

soo fun! you needeed that..im' so happy you go it!


this elephant is beautiful, just like the rest of your art Emily.
I love elephants.. they remind me of my dad... the last thing he bought me before he died was a gold bracelet with tiny elephants as the links, to remind me of our time together in Thailand... seeing your thai influenced elephants always leaves me sentimental and a little melancholy, but all the while, i sit with a dreamy little smile on my lips. Thanks for keeping my memories alive. I WILL be having these elephants on my wall at some point! ;)


You are so lucky to have your friend so close. I REALLY miss having my most wonderous sister in law, Chels, living in the same country as me. Even though we didn't see each other that much, it was just nice to know there was the possibility of it...sigh. Glad you had a great weekend.

Dixie Lee

You know I love the elephants. I found these lovely batik elephants in CM the other week! They are on my list of things to take home!

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