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May 13, 2009



This is so true! My little girl will be two at the end of July and it seems we are entering toddlerhood now...I can't help but giggle when she throws herself on the floor for a full-out flailing tantrum...at least I know that it will pass!


I think that there are some adults out there who believe they can follow those toddler rules, too. Yuck!

I love the last pickture of Miss Yindi.. I can almost hear the little "pppfffft" noise coming from those pudgy, tender little cheeks!

tara pollard pakosta

what sweet pics!
love that last one!
just wait til poor yindi has baby #3 getting into all her stuff LOL!!


I love how they can demand to be treated like a "big kid" from their peers and still insist on being momma's baby. Good thing she's so cute.


I'll print thi rules for next year!! wondrful pic !!


Ooh I love that! So true, deserves to go on a layout!! My daughter had that plum fairy dress - very cute!

mary ann k.

that dress is sooo cute did you make that? its sooo fairy like , i use to make stuff like that for my little girl , now im making prom dresses , enjoy them when their this tiny cuz they grow up sooo fast , mine will be off to college in september. : ( but i can say i enjoyed every minute of her so its not so sad.

mary ann.


Oh, she is adorable...I have heard those rules before and will keep it in mind for when my 'just turned one' year old reaches that age next year! The one I heard had a final statement that read something like 'If it's broken it's yours'!

(and may I just say what a treasure your Ivy is also for helping you out with the 'pinky swear' to be a little more understanding. How hard for a little girl to do!)


Ah yes, the terrible two's but they're so darned cute through that stage too...making their little demands and wanting to be just like their older siblings. I remember it well ~ :)


ha ha! I'm 26 and I still pinky swear! They will be the very best of friends one day.

Leanne Love

LOL those rules are so true aren't they. I think it is cute that you pinky swear. I have just turned 40 and I pinky swear with my 9 year old all the time hehehehehe.
Your photos are so adorable. Love the one of yindi in the chair but love the one of her under the table even better. Good photo for her 18th.....
Take care

rachel tanner

hA HA- i HAVE GOT TWINS -2 YR OLD... SAY NO MORE! (and an older sister. and I live in Devon!
My thoughts are with you


she is a total peach x


Send her over for a bit. I'll love on her a while and she may just decided that I'm hers too.


Oh my goodness! You could have been writing about my house - but I have two of them here! (I care for my nephew each morning, while dad works) not to mention the 4yo, 7yo, and sometimes even the 11yo... oops, when it's put that way, remind me why I'm doing it again?! ~lol~

Hope you're traveling well with your pg now, my morning sickness has finally eased to random-fortnightly struggles with food (and random dreams about writing you a letter about breastfeeding ~lol~)


My little Lou will be 2 in a few weeks what a fun age..:)


Oh my ... this is what I am in the middle of too. Sometimes it's really hard for me to get perspective and not believe that my 2 year old will be this way forever.


Kind of a coincidence that my nephew asked me just this morning when THEY stop with the whole MINE thing. Haha! MINE is 3 and still going strong!!


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it dosnt get any better I have a 14 year old and a 16 year old and the old door slamming happens alot in our house, so the tantrums dont stop at 2. (and i love every minute of them) Maybe i could try some pinky swears !!!!


Maybe I am reverrting to being a child again...my temper tantrums seem to be getting worse :)

Christina from Melbourne

And you're getting another one! :)


she's adorable! :) i have a package here for you. let me know your address before you move por favor! :)


Oh my word that is hilarious! Reading that in my head, I can hear a funny little toddler voice and picture the whole thing. Thanks for the laugh! love, me


haha, every mother can relate to this -
its character building em !!! soon Granni will get to enjoy such moments, you'll have to educate me about pinky swearing !!

sasha farina

:D brings a huge smile to my ugly, sicky face today..

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