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July 07, 2009


Amy Tangerine

oh em! these are all sooo beautiful!


I swear every time I open this blog I want to just borrow a small little piece of your talent and process. I have a feeling no matter what you take with you, it will be enough to make amazing things.


the class was WONDERFUL and it was so great to finally meet you. i'm sad your leaving but hopefully you'll be back soon.

p.s. - picture of me(yuck). picture of you(adorable):)


wow! that class looked like it was completely divine!

such gorgeous work everyone made!


oooh those collages look so beautiful, if i lived down there i would be at every class. those are amazing!


That class looked amazing!

Good luck with the packing. I wouldn't want to have to pick what I could live without...it'd be sure to give me panic attacks! LOL!


They all so beautiful!!!

Annette Kuusinen

What did you use for the base of the collage? I'm itching to try one myself.


ummm... your blog just made me the even happier. FINALLY i was able to add you to my goggle reader.

silly, i know. but happier i am. and that's saying something.

enough about me. lovely work as usual.

Therese Bradley

Those collages are beautiful and look like so much fun to make. I hopped over to found and made's etsy shop. I like her stuff! thanks for sharing.


Are you only back in Australia for 6 months?


oooh lovely!

Christina from Melbourne

6 months? You're only going to be back here in Oz for 6 months? Oh no!

P.S. You look beautiful - I love a bump (I have one that is growing very slowly!)

Nely Barger

this was my most fun class ever!! I'm still trying to fix my painting!! but now i am totally addicted!!! I love, love, love taking your classes!! they are so inspiring and you are always so wonderful!! thanks!


What a beautiful class!! verrrrry jealous!

Good luck with your move. I know it's a big one for you all...and an exciting one too. It'll be lovely for you to be back home for your little bundle to arrive. I look forward to reading about your Aus adventures & if you're in Canberra (LOL) give us a call! B-) Sami


I love that the girls find you the next morning with paint all over your hands. You say at least I'm never dull. What I say....is these things will be the memories your girls love the most when they are bigger. They had a mom who woke up with paint on her hands and dreds in her hair. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love love love this, Em. All kids should be so lucky to have that example of being yourself. You rock it out, Mama!


Just simply WOW!!! Someday I'd love to take a class like this (of course, I'd love for you to be the teacher....now the logistics of how to work that out with me in India and you in Australia/USA will be the toughest part). Collages scare me but I love the end result. I keep thinking I'll mess it up. How did you teach it??? Each one is lovelly and unique and I'm sure holds a lot of meaning for the creator. So how do you teach a class where everyone uses basically the same products but comes up with entirely different results. Thanks for sharing Emily.


OMG, those collages are beautiful!!! I wish I could have been there. :)


oh wow! I wish you could teach a class on those intricate collage canvases!!

Wendy Sice

Beautiful! I love the one with the houses and fairy. Gorgeous! Wendy xxx


I want to make collages like that. When you come over to NC please let me know b/c those are awesome.


what a great looking class...everyone made such beautiful collages!

Mary Jo

Holy cow, those are beautiful collages! That is one class I would love :0)

And you look so beautiful! Although I do sitll have to laugh at Ivy's baby growing in your bottom comment. That is just priceless :0)


Hey Emily, welcome back to Aus! The work that all these ladies produced is gorgeous. Have you thought about doing another online class like your paint one you did? Pretty sure you'd get heaps of takers, or maybe visiting the sunny East Coast of this great southern land?

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