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July 13, 2009



Have a safe journey!☺


Aww Em this is so beautiful! Especially the beads for your dreads. How inspiring to have a sweet memory and their lovely words attached to you like that.



amazing... i'm so happy for you that you have that kind of friendship and love in your life here, and that you'll have that in australia as well. best of both worlds.

and woman... you look beautiful. your post the other day about not being the "pretty pregnant" or however you put it... you couldn't have been more wrong. you're radiant.


Em, I am a fan from afar and have to tell you how moved I am from this post. I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure and may your newest sprout be blessed back home.


Safe journey home


this is so beautiful, brought a tear to my eye.....thank you to em's beautiful friends for being there for my precious daughter xxxx


Sounds absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad you were able to say "See Yas" I hope they all visit you in YOUR homeland! Good luck with your journey home!


you have such wonderful friends. all the best for the move em!


oh i really love this beautiful beach gathering filled with friends and love.

here's to safe travels and great experiences on your journey!!!


What a special gift of friendship!
Have a safe journey home. I'm looking forward to your wonderful photography in the bushlands. Blessings!

Stacy (mama-om)

yes, safe travels and blessed journeys to you and your family!!

p.s. i LOVE your dress! :)

mandie segura

That photo of you is stunning! Safe travels, and peace.


Love you, sweetie, and God bless. Best wishes on the next chapter of your fabulous adventure.


What an amazing post! Emily this looks like such an incredible time on the beach with cherished friends. You look beautimus as always! Wish you all the best in your homeland. XOXOX

Leanne Love

It looks like you are going to be missed Emily and for that I am very sorry. Now they all have an excuse to come visit our beautiful country though. Happy travelling, take care and stay safe
Lee xx


oh this is so amazing, you are a lucky girl to have such wonderful friendships! have a safe journey!


i am so glad to have met you while you were here in the states. safe travels!


That is so super sweet!!
Have a save journey home :)

ps. You look gorgeous with your lovely baby bump!!


I'm all teared up! <3


Have a wondeful journey ...safe one to Australia ...and you are blessed with such a sweet friends !!..xx Dani

Jo Andrew

That just looks so beautiful, what a special night! Your so lucky to have such beautiful friends. Have a safe trip. I'm from Sydney Australia and am excited that maybe at some point you might trek around to the east coast :) Such a beautiful baby bump!!!


a beautiful gathering for a beautiful female.....have a safe trip home, em ~ :)


Love will follow you wherever you go. Have a safe and sane journey, and we all can't wait to hear from you in your natural environment.


I've loved your work and read your blog everyday. Good luck on your journey and this next chapter. I have to say, that last picture of you in your green dress is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! Travel safe.


Have a safe journey, Em, Mick, Ivy, Yindi and ? xxx

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