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November 25, 2009


shari anderson



They are great, what a wonderful school Ivy must attend.
Her knitting is fantastic.
Do you mind if I ask if its a local school.
Understand if you dont want to share.


I love the rainbow ball. Could I get the pattern? I have recently been obsessed with knitting myself. I now have my own sheep and want to learn to spin. I love your blog!


that is so cool. i am impressed! i love that she has a teacher that is so great.


I am just soooooo impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only knit in a square! You are so talented!! Ivy, you should be very proud of your work! It is beautiful!


OMGOSH!!!!!!! That is sooo amazing!


Ivy your knitting is amazing - please teach Granni how to make that rainbow ball !! It will look very beautiful on you Christmas tree. The koala is fabulous too - lucky Banjo


I am so impressed with your darling daughter. She inspires me as you do. :)

Tracy Rizzo

I wish my daughter had this in school-hey I wish I did! She is already MUCH better than me!


Love it. There are two things I've always wanted to do...one of them is knit..the other, play the flute. I just told my "just turned 17 yr old" son last night about the flute. He replied, "So buy one, I think you can take flute lessons online for free!"

Hmm....perhaps I shall. Knitting is something she'll have forever!


WTG Ivy! As someone who never mastered the art of knitting (despite having a talented Mum, Gran and Aunt) I am in awe!
Both projects are fantastic - lucky Banjo and Yindi! LOL at Banjo "prying"!
Sue xx

Marcia Hamelijnck

Wow! How wonderful that Ivy gets to knit in school! And what a great job she did!




Darn! She needs to give me some lessons!! :) Love your sweet girls.

mandie segura

LOVE it! I'm just learning to crochet, and she's seriously putting me to shame! :) That ball looks AWESOME!


WOW!!!!! Those little projects are just incredible :) Your little Ivy is very, very talented and creative!

Could I get the pattern for the rainbow ball too? Please!


those are both so insanely awesome! Really makes me want to learn to knit...do you have a pattern for that ball? it is beautiful, and really the bear too - so cute!


Ivy! Im SO IMPRESSED!!!! When I come to visit you will have to teach me how to make that ball, I think my baby would love one. Well done on learning to purl also, you will have to help your mumma so she can make Banjo a new vest that will fit his lovely round tummy! Im so proud of you
love Vicky


She's a fab knitter. Both projects are amazing. I really love the ball and would love to know how she did it!!!

I learned to knit when I was a kid and have resently taken it up again. Have managed to finish a few projects :)


Wow! What a great little knitter. She puts me to shame, I've tried and failed on a few occasions. I've just taught myself to crochet and she has inspired me to give knitting another bash!


Those are wonderful knitting projects, Ivy! Well done!

I LOVE knitting and taught my oldest and youngest son how to knit. They also do loom knitting. They both love it and have made LOTS of beanies ~ :)


Gorgeous projects and beautifully made...and made as gifts - Ivy is so sweet and inspirational

Goddess Leonie

a thousand times adorable... what a gifted lil soul she is!!!


wowee i am with the others... Ivy can we have the pattern for the ball , LOVE IT.... mmm a little kids project book could arise here :) :) XXX Carole

katie squires

How very cool is this!! she's 6 and can do this !! I have tried so many times and can not get the hang of it :) lol

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