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December 17, 2009


Bina :)

Smarty pants Ivy!

Renee Alam

Ivy,you are AMAZING!!!!! I'm so proud of the work you do, your crafts are simply lovely & even better than some that adults make... seriously! Keep up the great work! Many people love gifts that are handmade b/c that makes them even more special, so your friend Anna is very lucky to have such a crafty friend! Can I be your bff? :)

To your mom, would it be possible that maybe Ivy could be pen pals with my daughter... we've been looking for overseas pen pals but it's not easy finding some or if you know somebody interested, i'd appreciate it if you could let me know,thanks! Renee


As always I am so impressed with your beautiful work Ivy!!!!


Your knitting talent is just brillant, I need lessons.


She is an amazingly creative young lady! I love her gift...and I'm sure Anna will too!


Your Ivy is such a precious little lady! Good job, Ivy! They are beautiful! :) I've never ventured beyond scarves but after watching your mom post about the things you've been doing, I think I'm going to try something more adventurous! :)

E: She's such a darling! Seriously, how did you raise such a cute kid!? I love that she's earthy and creative and innocent and girly. It's the most wonderful thing to see these people still exist. :)


ohhh theese are so nice....would love a pair myself...infact I think Im gonna start on some tonite....thanks for being an inspiration Ivy...

Jennifer M.

That is so sweet!


Ivy is really talented and her bff is going to just LOVE her gift!!!
Way to go Ivy!


Ivy, how awesome!!! I just gave a pair of arm warmers to my Godchild tonight, but I have to admit, yours are *much* cooler!!!
Amazing job and Anna will love them!


I am a fan of Tara's blog as well and I think these will be perfect for little Anna. So thoughtful!


Clever Ivy - what a lovely talent to foster :-)

Alison Gibbs

What a special gift - how clever she is


Ivy is such a lovely soul.


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! tell Ivy she is the knitting queen!! I bow down! Ive tried to knit so many times!!!Waaa..cant do it!!!! Shes amazing! I wanna pair! She needs her own etsy store!XO!

holly c.

Great job, Ivy.

You rock!☺


Ivy those are amazing and she is going to be so excited to wear them! I know my 6 year would be! Merry Christmas!


How beautiful is that? Ivy must be inspired by seeing her mum make things and is following in her footsteps.Emily, you must have the patience of a saint teach Ivy to knit.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Ivy, you are such a good little knitter and I know Anna will love her arm warmers ~ :)


Ivy! Again with your cleverness!!!
I havent made arm warmers before but when it comes to wonter time I might have to ask you for some help. Well done you clever 7 year old!


Ivy- you ROCK with the knitting!

susan gilman

Oh Ivy I wish I were your bestie friend and you could teach me to knit! I have just mastered FINGER-KNITTING and I am really not even good at that!

LOVE your crafty projects...I hope my 2yr old step-daughter grows up to be just like you! (so far our crafting projects are limited to coloring and fingerpainting!)


Hey Ivy do you do comissions? Those are the coolest, great gift idea. Seriously, you have a talent.


What an awesome gift! And creative problem solving :) That's one lucky friend you have...


tell ivy that she inspired me and that i made some arm warmers for my friend for christmas. :)


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