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January 06, 2010



WOW! What fabulous, handmade gifts!! Yindi looks so cute with her baby-in-a-sling ~ :) Great ideas, Em!


That is sooooo adorable! I love the mini mattresses and the sling. Your daughter looks so cute with it!


I am beyond smitten with the Princess + the Pea bed. No little girls in my life, but thinking I might have to make one anyway. I love the fact it was a joint venture, too. :)

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!

Darling!! I love the little slings. She looks so sweet on her bike! :D
Can I come over and play with the princess and the pea bed??

jen smith

those slings are precious!

Julia Dunnit

Oh the slings are a great idea, how sweet Yindi looks. I too, would be sneaing in to play with the Princess and her mattresses - great idea! Like the fresh look to your blog, but oh my, the font is so small, I had to go get my glasses!

Kimmie and Eli

Such beautiful creations!! My Eli would love one! Off to get the materials! :) Can't wait for the next set.

Sherri P eh

I am so impressed with those gifts Emily! The princess and the pea bed is so cute and clever, and those slings, especially being put to use, are priceless. Is your Yindi riding on two wheels? That would be impressive too!


I think that photo of Yindi riding her bike looking down at her baby, is the most precious photo I have ever seen!!!! You need to blow that up and hang that one....love it!


So, so, so creative! My girl would love the sling! Time to get to work, I think! :)

holly c.

I love your wonderful thrifty ideas.

Oh that Yindi is a doll!


Love handmade things I wish I had more time to make things :) Love the picture of Yindi and her babe on the bike.


I loved Amanda's post on this and the felted set on Etsy is adorable, but I have to admit that your set is simply adorable!!! MY favorite for sure!! You did a wonderful job! My 5yr old Hannah saw it and it is a must for her now. :)

my year without

Oh my gosh, what a cute blog. Can NOT wait to read more!!

I have bags of material and yarns that I need ideas for. I think I will find some creative ideas here...

Cheryl aka cherpea

Oh my tooo cool... actually I can see me wanting to play with the princess and the pea bed too...

and that little sling just too cool for words.. I know another little adventurer who would love to be taking her baby along with her on her adventures climbing trees etc too...

You are just too clever for words... can't wait for the next installment...


What lovely gifts and I just love the photos of Yindi babywearing on her bike


that sling is just so cool, but the princess and the pea set ? Divine - as much as I love the inky dinky mattress, that wooden frame four poster, it's wonderful. Wish they made a full size version!

Sarah M

I love your princess & pea gift! I also made my little bug a carrier for his puppy--a mini mei tei just like the one I carry his little sister in, and he loves it too. Isn't it just teh sweetest to watch them take care of their "babies"!?!
Sarah M


oh my god, the princess and the pea is simply fantastic!!


Fabulous gifts. Those will be the gifts that they will always remember and want to keep.
Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Have a fabulous New Year.
Cari b.


What beautiful hand-made gifts - and obviously they are well appreciated. That little Yindi is so adorable I want to gobble her up. She'll make a great mum one day, too!


I love your princess and the pea bed!

Heather H.

I love seeing the pictures of Yindi without shoes! Probably because it's a balmy -11˚C here in MN. My son loves to spend the day in his underpants but in January here it's hard to do!


I love that princess and the pea bed...that was my favorite book as a child and I would BUY one of those to display in my library!! *hint* *hint*


Sweet! I finally have little girls to make things for, I'm sure to be known as that Crazy Auntie that sends handmade gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

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