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March 31, 2010



wahooooo! those are freakin AWESOME!!!!!!
those rainbows are too sweet.....




They're brilliant, I really love the rainbows!


They are awesome! We live in a house where our feet are always cold! We could do with a pair of those! Maybe my girl would like to make some with me! Cute, cute designs, as well! :)

Karen L. Greenfield

Wow--how grown-up and pretty Ivy looks!! I've read your blog since she was little. You must be totally knocked out with her! xxKaren

 Still Lily

Simply divine, I am so excited to do this with my 7 year old! Thanks to you and your lovely egg/chick felting video, the goods are ordered and the fun will soon begin here in our wee country home not far from the sea! Thank you for all your inspiration, tips and tutorials!:)


wow! my piles of wool arrived yesterday - ready for some mumma madness during the holidays with all the kids (little boy excluded, of course) I'll be keeping an eye out for slipper instructions, too, I think, then they can have a go next holidays at making their own!


They are so cool! And yes, crafting with your kids is the best thing on earth!

Lindsay R

oh my hec these are cute! just went back and watched your felting video (got the supplies today), and you are just the sweetest thing! hearing your voice was kinda surreal...been reading your blog for so long, i guess you were just this silent inspiration...now you have sound!! and what a dolly yindi is! can't wait to try these out ;-)


They are absolutely fantastic I love them and how fantastic for you to be having mother and daughter crafting sessions!


Wow, I love them! So great! Well done!

jessica nole

oh wow! they look wonderfully cozy!!


wow and wow again.....they are great....I love them.



Well done Emily and Ivy too!

ps. I'm a size 5 UK if you have any spare wool? hahaha



jealous jealous JEALOUS!!!


ahhhh...you are such a good momma...


Mother Daughter cafting is one of THE best and most soul nurturing things in my world - am looking forward to some crafty arty time with Mum in a couple of weeks actually - woot!!

Those slippers are fabulous, and look incredibley comfortable! Hurrah for Em & Ivy Slippers of Warm Fuzziness!


so fabulous! i love that you share these things with your kidlets.


look so comfy....

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