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August 09, 2010



ooooohh hooo hoooo hooo I want a hippie scaaaaaaaaaarf...........


I wish! I need some Utah for sure, but will have to pass... :-) Have fun!!!


can't wait to be there with you gorgeous gals xxx


Sounds like fun, and I've always wanted to visit Utah! I look forward to lots and lots of photos of the event!


Hope you have fun and shoot, had no clue you are LDS. :) peace!


yeah, I am so excited to be going to Spark this year. Can't wait to meet you and make a funky hippie scarf!!!


I so wish I were going! It's just a short drive and with four boys and a husband, I could certainly use the girl time! Alas, it's not for me this year. I hope you all have a fabulous time!

Kim H.

I went to the first Spark event and it was so inspiring, I had to go to the second one. Can't wait to meet you in person. I bought one of your beautiful elephant canvas print and can't wait to have another Emily inspired craft.

Sherri P eh

Lucky all of you who get to go! I'm hoping that sometime in the near future Emily, when you get settled on the East Coast here, you'll offer this again and I'll be able to participate. Hoping Jasmine will join you for SPARK! Have fun!!


When I saw your class I was over the moon excited! See you there!

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