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September 13, 2010



oh em - it all looks so good! i knew you'd be great you're an awesome lady and an inspiring teacher ♥


It looks superb :) I am green!


Ooooh what an incredible melting pot of creativity and energy! A wonderful reminder of how vital nurturing and nourishment of our creative side is!


It looks awesome- and just what you needed (just what any of us need). I can't believe the flying you are doing. We've been back in the US 4 years now and haven't been back to Aus- can't contemplate the trip (or cost of the trip) back to Aus. And there you go back and forth like it's a bus trip into the city!!! Blimey!

Erika Martin

Looks like you had an amazing time! Well, of course you did! You said so! Every time I see pics like this, I look even more forward to creating with you! Hope all is going well!


dear emily, so glad that you had a great time!!! wish i could have been there too... missing you heaps, nicole.


thanks for the great post...
someday, i will attend a "spaRk"!


What a wonderful event and nice to hear your feeling passion and energy I can feel it here.
I am off to make my own scarf this weekend and am so excited.
Thanks for introducing wet felting what fun.


Emily you rock, that was the most beautiful post.

Holly C.

Oh-I would have loved to have been there and to have taken a class taught by you!!!


Oh I would have loved that too!!! I need someone to give me a get rid of the negative self talk "talk"!!! Good for you that you could get rid of that! Tho its hard to imagine someone like you having any negative thoughts at all! thanks for always being honest and real!!

Oh!! And I Looove your clothes!!! Do tell! Where did..do you get all your cute outfits???

Rachel Bee

Oh my goodness, that look so amazing! D'ya reckon you could bring it internationally, to the UK, or precisely to me? lol!

I'd love to do that, I'm sure a gazillion women over here would too!

Beautiful - as usual xxx


i am so bummed that i didn't come. i really would love meeting you someday! maybe next year. :)
jaz almost had me talked into it.
if i could've found a cheaper flight i was going to do it.
no matter if my husband said yes or not! (i talk a big talk)

looks awesome.
i heard your class was wonderful.
way to go.

Rhonna Farrer

oh em....it was such a thrill & honor to have you share YOUR Spark with us! THANK YOU! You know I adore you & LOVED having lunch with you today....
soul sisters forever.

Sherri P eh

Looks like it was such a fun and magical time! I'm hoping that since you and I will soon be sharing coasts, there's a chance I'll one day be at the lucky receiving end of one of your classes. I would love to try felting. Those creations are incredible. One day! Good luck getting settled -- it will be nice to unpack and stay put for a bit! XO


Thank you so much for making it a priority to share your art and your heart. You make me feel like a star!


I love that your class was such a success! I never doubted it for a minute.


hahaha SUCH a poser ... it is true, it is soooo true!
PS You and Leahona Paki are like the only two women on planet earth that look soooooooo beautiful without makeup. Don't let me touch your face again with my makeup brush and crusty mascara!
Love you.
Talk soon, or else.

Shanon Henderson

Em! The hightlight of Spark for me was getting to talk to you in person and give you a great big hug! Thanking you for your part in my healing was like coming full circle from my divorce. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you...for sharing your time with me! Loved the project. Loved the weekend. Loved the company. I feel so very SPARKED! Keep in touch, my friend!
xoxo- Shanon

crystal beutler

Emily, it was so lovely meeting you at Spark. I adored your class more than you can know. I can hardly wait to drive down to the Black Sheep and buy some wool -- that is, unless you are going to sell it in your Etsy shop.

Best of luck to you in New Hampshire. I hope our paths cross again some day. Maybe next year at Spark 3?


Em, Thank you so much for making the sacrifice to spend a couple of days at SPARK! It was so fun to meet you and feel your love for the project you were teaching to us. I am so excited to order me some supplies and make another scarf or something else...! I hope you'll be back next year!!!!


Oh, Spark sounds ( and looks) amazing! Love the felted scarves and bracelet! :)

big hugs


Ahhh Spark! Your class was wonderful and you were lovely! It was so great meeting you after reading your blog for years. Your children are as adorable as the photos as are you! And good luck with your move. As for the winters...in the words of my husband "it's all part of the experience." I'll tell you after growing up in the North there is nothing like playing outside in the snow, marveling at the lovely snowflakes caught on your mitten- how beautiful and unique each one is...then going inside to sit by a warm fireplace or all wrapped up in a blanket. It's a wonderful feeling nothing can replicate :)


Love this picture of you and Sabrina... so excited for you to put down roots in a new spot. Wishing you some peace and serenity as you unpack and create a new home. xoxo tena

celeste crockett (DCWV INC.)

Your class was AWESOME!!!! I've done many crafts over the yrs. and this beat them all. I am so happy you were there. I can't find the info of a place to purchase the wool at anywhere can I have that information. Cause I want to teach my 2 daughters and a granddaughter, mom etc. This would be a great day for us to create a SPARK within my family. Celeste

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