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November 21, 2010


Holly C.

Great action shots!

Now I'm hungry for cheese and pickles. :)


I have to agree with the poster above me....I could really go for some cheese and pickles now. LOL. :)

Erika Martin

Some of the best moments of my young childhood included jumping in piles of leaves! I wish we had more big trees in our yard for our kids to do that with. Ivy got some serious air with those jumps!

When I saw Banjo's first pic in your post, I actually thought it was an older pic of Yindi. There's no doubting those two are related!


Love those leaf jumping pics - they're practically epic :-)


LOVE those leaf jumping photos too - I turned 40 this year and I still love jumping in the Autumn leaves..x


sounds perfect :) we had a stinking hot weekend here 41C!


such a gorgeous post Em ! love the pics of the girls jumping...and Banjo, *sigh* how I miss those sweet chubby cheeks to kiss & smoosh, he looks very intent on his 'work', bless him !
PS save a pickle for me xxxxx

Chelsea girl

what is that? HOmemade bread? Em, you superMum!


ooooh, i wish i could have been there with you all... but i'm glad to see the children here.

lisa warner

Just wanted to thank you for the lentil soup recipe. Made it the other day and added chickpeas, and some spinach from my garden. Delicious :)


Hey sista sounds like youve got your mojo back xx sending lotsa love and some more sunny vibes your way :)

Love Em & Co

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