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April 24, 2011



happy easter! that looks like such a beautiful egg hunt! LOVE the girl's new dresses - so good to start new family traditions :)
wish i could spend some holiday time with you. xoxo

Damiane Lucas

Gorgeous photos! You made those dresses? Your girls look BEAUTIFUL in them! I love sewing, too, and I admire someone who appreciates the hobby just as much as I do.

Keep sewing. Keep scrapbooking. Keep painting. You're a great inspiration to us, and we love your work.

Oh, by the way, I recently discovered your blog and love your 52 tag project. Will you do it again? Pretty please? I would love to participate!

Joyous Resurrection Day!

Funky Mommy

Those dresses are adorable! I am in New England too and this morning the fog was so magical. I am hosting a Waldorf Craft Book Giveaway this week on my blog....be sure to stop by!

Funnelcloud Rachel

These pictures are fabulous - looks like a fairy tale! I love that you had your easter egg hunt in the woods!


What a beautiful family shot....the dresses look fantastic . Happy Easter


Em you excelled yourself, am so proud of you !!
The photos are magical, each one tells a story, Yindi twirling..Banjo proudly discovering, Ivy enjoying her new dress - just adorable. And those hot cross buns look perfect ! The family photo was an added bonus - thank you sweeties !!


When we have kids I would love to celebrate holidays how you and your wonderful family celebrate them! What a magical and creative existence, you inspire me!


That photo at the top is just stunning, and the girls dresses are beautiful! Happy Easter!


Lovely Easter! Yes, that snow Saturday was a bit of a kick in the teeth. We were quite busy yesterday- celebrating a neighbour's birthday and packing up to come home, so we didn't get to do an egg hunt. Although it's really only Ella who wants to do that sort of thing these days. Love the dresses- way to go!


Looks enchanted/enchanting!

Erika Martin

That first photo reminds me of something on Lord of the Rings! What a beautiful morning! And the dresses you made turned out beautiful. I love that photo of Yindi twirling in her dress.

We have a tradition of my grandfather hiding the eggs for my kids. He buys the little plastic ones and puts coins in them that he's been saving up all year for them. Of course, we make sure everyone gets the same amount of eggs so they all roughly get the same amount of money. Even as the kids are getting older, they still love the tradition.


that mist is just beautiful, as are those gorgeous twirly dresses:) Happy Easter


What a beautiful misty mysterious morning, those trees in the first photo are calling to me! Your dresses are so wonderful, what special treats for your girls, and I'm impressed with your sewing skills (really!!) Wonderful to have a glimpse of your Easter celebrating, we also had an egg hunt and a special breakfast of traditional family bread! xo


those dresses are amazing! i am learning to sew on my mom's 1962 singer rocketeer ... i wonder if i could handle that pattern? at 86, my mom probably will have to help me!

and the brown easter eggs? those are fantastic! my girl loves dinosaurs and we have left over dye ...


I'm so in love with those dresses, and such a sweet tradition to start.

Hoping you all had a very happy Easter.


katie squires

I love your girl's dresses :) Your Easter Hunt was exactly how I imagined ours would be :) LOL Only we had rain and mud...oh well it was still fun :)


Gorgeous dresses! I feel inspired to make something twirly for my own little lady. :)
Thank you for sharing your day xx


I mean really - you definitely need to look in to self-publishing!! Photography, crafts, cooking, sewing, living ... what are you waiting for?


Can you believe that you're really living over there, and that that's really your life?? So special!


Where do you live? That forest looks so nice.


Oh man, you're not going to believe this. I was inspired by your dresses, followed the link, and here I am hours and hours and hours later with a finished rainbow twirler for my 4 year old. It took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.!!
How on earth did you whip out *2* (!!!) dresses in one night?! That's insane. I for real am going to need to e-mail you because I have a 5 year old waiting for her turn at a new dress and I just don't have it in me. There must be some shortcuts!

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