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February 27, 2012



it looks great :)
pleeeze come and organise mine !!!!!!!


thats what happens when your busy living. after almost a year of living in my apartment my living room is still a weird mish.mash of studio, office, couch, & random photos on the wall with no reasoning as to why they are there. but when the choice is between cleaning & going out exploring... nature always wins.


Em, it looks beautiful! I can totally relate to feeling unorganized and living in some chaos and not feeling like you're ever getting anything done in a day. Ah well, a messy house is a sign of a happy family and happy children! I wish I could get my homeschooling stuff more organized, but with seven kiddo's and soooo many different creative projects going on...ugh, it's futile! :) I would LOVE to see a house tour, even with messies, all of your followers love YOU!
Blessings to you all!


I think it looks great so far! We all have our own rhythms... I'm more like you, I take a slow time to settle in (and I don't have the very valid excuse of a brood of little ones to take up my time!). And I hear ya on the blogs making you feel down... I don't have a home of my own or $$ to decorate and organize. I'm so blessed to live with my roommate until I get a job, but sometimes I get so antsy to decorate my own place!


goodness, I don't think anyone blogging about unpacking and organizing really is all that organized... I think those Ryan Gosling quote/picture things found all over pinterest are sort of silly, but this made me think of one of them...


and then when I just went to look for it I found this which totally made me smile from ear to ear so I thought I'd share it too, for no particular reason at all.


oh, and yes! do a picture tour for us, who cares if its messy, i bet its still colorful and fun, because you are!! :)

Erika Martin

I love that bookcase!

Shayna Proctor

I just get so excited that you have more space to spread out. Oh the creative possibilities are endless.


I started reading your blog after seeing you in a magazine (can't remember which one:)) about creators' spaces. Doesn't seem to matter where you are, you make it look wonderful and I'm jealous - not to mention your wonderful 'stuff' that comes out of it too!

Pam Hall

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I beheld the wonderful, colourful shelves etc.
Looks like a picture from the 'country living' magazine. So proud of you....Aunty P.


Wowzers Em! That lloks great. i have mostly kept my studio tidy for a few months now, just shows me that I haven't been that productive lately, because when I work, I am really messy.

Holly C.

I love it all!
Oh, that bookcase is fabulous. :)


thanks for keeping it real em, the reason yours isn't perfect looking is because you USE it... it's lovely and oh so you..

Jenni Jones

Love it! I live in creative chaos, but occasinally I have an OCD day and have to tidy everything up, but mostly it's messy. Well done Em!

Jenni Jones

BTW.... everyone should check out Kates 2nd pinterest link....made me laugh out loud.


All those fabrics and ribbon, yum, I can't WAIT to see what you bring back from Thailand!! xo


Ooooh! i pine for a studio too; living in a sea container doesn't give me much room for creativity (physically and mentally!) but one day.. ONE day... In the meantime I shall live vicariously through your lovely room :)


hey em, i followed your blog years ago when i was a mad scrapbooking mama. your ivy was a wee one then. i'm glad to have stumbled across your blog again. my your small ones have grown {& there is a new blue one on the scene too.} lovely to catch up with your little family!


I am so in love with that bookcase! I've noticed it in the background of other pics before and I don't know if you reply to comments on here at all, but just wondering if it was something you did and if so, how? So very cool!


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