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October 23, 2012



Or do what I do with all my fabric and batting scraps and make funky cool coasters for hot drinks! Glad to see I'm not the only one who keeps miniscule scraps of fabric to make into something!

ira lee

i like this! super cute and whimsical! i like the idea of hanging it from a door. or a window or making coaster as the comment above me stated!!! now i want to skip work and go home and sew!!!


OK...you've sparked my creative juices. I need to rummage through all of the Christmas fabric stashed away and make a bunting for my kitchen window. Thanks for getting me started! Now...off to the attic.


Looks like a fun easy project....gotta try it !!


Ew that's what my table looks like too... What color did you paint it? I could use some inspiration. Love the scarf.

Sue McG

Love that scarf - what a fun way to use up scraps :)


Great idea, thanks :)


What a clever way of using up the tiniest of fabric scraps. :)


this idea is sooooo great. i'm doing half of the afternoon by stitching littles squares freaky-funny together. ( it's btw a soule-healing-project for me)

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