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October 17, 2012



So cute! Although that photo of Ivy is a little freaky!


What a lovely place to live in! It's cool to live amongst so many creative people who are willing to make a fun place for kids.

ira lee

ivy's face in the cutout is so funny!!!!! i'd love to go for a fairy hunt!!

Carole R

So cute! The fairy houses are brilliant!


What fun! Yindi and her friends make pretty cute fairies themselves...


What cuties!!!

Sue Eldred

so cute. I want a fairy house.


Very Cute...:)


Oh that is just lovely. Here's one more fairy house for the girls. The one that we built and visited a year later to see if it was still there ...



Oh my goodness, LOVE! Where was this when I was little? I would have been in heaven.
Love the wholesome, imaginative good stuff you do with your kiddos. I think you are a fabulous mama!


I'm with Alanna...where was this total package of fun when I was little?? My sister and I used to build our fairy houses out of shoe boxes and papered the walls with scraps from my mom's sewing.

Scouting the neighborhoods for fairy houses sounds awesome and I'm sure your kids had an exciting and incredible adventure!

Sue McG

So much fairy fun! <3

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