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November 05, 2012



Yes, when we live in VT again one day, I want at root cellar. But you can always freeze lots of apple sauce for now. Do you have a juicer? Those windfall apples are fantastic to juice up, and you can freeze the juice too. I miss VT.....


we had a root cellar when i was growing up in western colorado - i can still remember how it smelled and how the air was so cool down there, even in the summer.

what a beautiful basket to gather apples in and i am loving ivy's carving! so glad you are enjoying the "fruits of the season."


The cannng queen needs to pay a visit :) !!!!!!!


Yes for the root cellars, You might just have to find an older house. Do you not have a basement? My parents can put potatoes in their basement (dark concrete part) from the garden until March and then the ones they don't use are ready to start planting again. Depending on where you live you can keep cold weather crops in your garden for a very long time. In British Columbia I had carrots in the garden that I could use until February. More research for you, sorry!


Beautiful gathering baskets!


gorgeous photos... & lovely apple picking memories. im so missing some delicious central new york apple cider this fall. beak & skiff was my favorite.


aww look at your little man, just gorgeous

Dede Warren

OH Emily, I hope you'll share your recipe for making applesauce! Please!!!

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