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November 13, 2012



Look at that little face! She looks so thrilled. Awesome work, Yindi!


You go gorgeous Yindi! Soon you will be knitting up a storm too - especially with super star knitter Ivy to help you out.


So adorable. That is awesome. You Tube has gotten me out of many a knitting jam. Seriously good info out there on the interwebs.


Oh bless her, how adorable....and how pleased she looks ! I can just see the girls on a cold winter night, knitting cosily together by the fireside...
How fortunate they are to learn so early in life :)

Shayna Proctor

I love that girl.


go yindi! you are awesome on those sticks!

our knitting verse, shared across generations of ye on sticks, is:

into the light
around the tree
under the bridge
and off to sea


ira lee

oh love it!!! why do we put off doing sweet and cozy things with our little ones? its always so rewarding! im working like crazy to get my house in order (we have switched 3 bedrooms in our house) so that when the kiddoes come friday, we can just play!!!!

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