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November 16, 2012



Wish I could send you some sunshine !
Those hats look fabulous, such a great idea.
Banjo's donut looks very delicious !


These are seriously the cutest. The hats too! I'm so glad you're posting a bit more often. I've been reading your blog for a very long time and feel like I know you...even though we've never met. Blogs are so weird that way. Anyway, glad you're back and that your creative juices are flowing.


Your babes are so lucky to have you making lovely things to keep them warm. Here it's 30+ C and humid as a wet sock in a sneaker! Ella and I are both having winter withdrawals. Boots! Legwarmers! Scarves! Hats! The worst is that all the shops only have winter clothes in stock....even ESPRIT. And I'm talking full blown winter stuff. i often find myself walking behind someone wearing jeans tucked into long boots,with a jumper AND a jacket on while I'm wearing a tanktop and skirt and sweating profusely!?! Enjoy being able to wrap those kidlets up in lovely cosies while you can.

Shayna Proctor

I love your talents.



Beth F.

So, so cute!! You wouldn't mind making another lil' pixie hats in Yindi's size would you? I'd be a paying customer...


Awwwwww! too cute Em! Summer decided to rear its very hot head here in Perth today....oh and I am drooling over Banjo's donut!




oh my! i love these. want one for my daughter and myself. wonder how the dreadies would look under one of them :)


These are so cute!

MarieG LifeSimplyBalanced.com


I adore the love you put into each new adventure - not to mention the adventures themselves. Pixie hats are cute!


Oh I love it! River is getting a few for sure!! thanks for the link

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