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February 21, 2014



SAD, SAD face....


Em - I've been a reader for a while and really like your blog.

One thing that impressed me is that you seem to be so frugal - homemade everything, making the kids' clothes and toys, etc. I really appreciate and respect that.

I always assumed you were on a limited budget - so HOW do you afford two trips to Bali in one year for several thousand dollars each??

I'm not trying to me mean - really. But how many really pretty non-homemade kids outfits and toys could you buy with this money? Relaxation and meditation can be done anywhere, and you have a beautiful area right in your own backyard to contemplate nature and relax.

I'm sure this will be seen as negative and I'll be flogged by all your followers - I just wondered, that's all - I wondered on the first trip and now really wonder...how do you do it?


i love-slash-*need* to travel!!!! and have always had to think creatively or outside the box to allow it. organizing and running retreats allows me to go to bali - and soak up inspiration from another culture. thats what floats ma boat ! not buying 'stuff' ;)


Makes sense. I wish I could be more like you.

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