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February 24, 2014



Ah, it is such a wonderful sweet little space. It brings tear to my eyes.


Lil is stocked that she displays a picture of her and Lil on the wall.Lil has the same picture on hers .I have lost contact with you, but have been thinking of you alot lately.Would love to chat in a not so public arena.Clarexx

Kirsten J

Are you kidding me?!? As the oldest of 3, that would have been my favorite spot. And no ladder - great way to keep my brother and sister out! It looks magical.

holly c.


happy just doing

As the Youngest of four that would have been amazing! A little space that was all mine and I didn't have to share? Oh my! It's wonderful!


That is so gorgeous. Lucky Ivy! What a clever Daddy too! x


You are by far the craftiest woman I know
Love it!!!!


She's a girl after my own heart. I love it!

Liz H.

Love it! This is a room I would have wanted when I was little. It's like a little clubhouse or secret hideaway!:)


So cute and very ivy....you guys have created a magical space for beautiful ivy ! Xxxx


what a perfect wee sanctuary

Beth F.

What a beautiful haven of peace! Perfect for a rainy day read, a spring bird watch, and a goodnight moon sleep. I love her quilt and spotty rug.

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