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May 12, 2005



THis looks great Em....i like the white/greay andthat pic of you swinging Ivy is awesome...cant wait to see what you have to say :0) !!

ainslie gatt

Hi Em,
Love your blogg. It is such an awesome overwelming feeling reading through your story. It is great to be intouch with creativeness oncemore. Thats another story. My name is ainslie. I am doing some work (PR & marketing) for Dreyck Graham at Coolect ( You have done some wonderful scrapbooking for him. I never knew it existed until just a week ago (never knew what a blogg is untill half an hour ago).
He is wanting to put you up on his website and I am searching for your CV to wirte a profile, can you please send it through to me. I have sujested to him to have a connection to your blogg (just then), he thinks that is a great idea. You've touched my sole girl.

Merry Christmas,


Hello! I just wanted to congratulate you and your family for the beautiful arrival of your baby daughter. The photos are a joy and will certainly be treasured in the future.
Once again warmest wishes Alison


Love your new blog. : )

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