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May 15, 2005


Jimmie Lynn

I have always wondered what a "blog" was! I guess I am completely computer illiterate!
Much love to you my friend.
Keep up the good work.

steph mcatee

EM you know i love your work!! i love this and think you should keep it live :-)

thanks for including me.. such a fab friend



Em, this is awesome. This is my first 'blog' experience & I love it all - the photos & layouts are incredibly beautiful - U R an inspiration !!
love JLW


I think it's awesome; i never though a "blog" could be interesting...!
I confirm, you are an inspiration.

Justin Timberlake

You inspire me no end. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I look at your blog!

All jokes aside, you are beautiful angel.



Hey Beautiful,
I love looking at your stuff. Post more so I can have something to look at when I can't be bothered doing work at uni (which never happens :) I wonder if you could explain why the title of the last blog is 'grab life by the balls'? I'm sure my mother would be interested.


Looking very nice, though I would like to see the green banner back :)


eM, as you know - i absolutely LoVe the stuff you make! I like this 'blog'-thingy and i'll definately check back many times. One comment though on the picture in the top left corner, it disturbs me a bit that you haven't got a head... you are so beautiful, i would like to see yOu when i open the page!
Keep up your inspiring work! hUgs, Viv


Love this blog...Very interesting title..Grab life by the balls..I must do just that! Love your work and your blog is good reading!



Hey Em, this is so exciting!!!! a very cool idea form a very cool and gifted person!! I will be flicking back every now and then to see whats happening! Alex

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