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May 29, 2005



ivy is too cute (LUV those stockings) !!!....sorry you havent been getting much mail lately its probably b/c its the verge of summer over here and everyone is out of the house more. I saw you online last night but you were "away" :0( !! catch ya soon chicky !!


hey em! you haven't received any emails from me lately cause we seem to be meeting eachother online often, except this last week! i've been away doing the Buddhist course i was telling you about and i've learned a LOT! ivy is sooo gorgeous but what size uggs is she wearing?! she looks like you!! ;)


LoVe your new picture!


I can't get over how gorgeous Ivy is! I think she is such a doll. And I love her stripey little stockings and Uggs! As for me being horrible with the contact this week..I will do better..promise! :)


That's not true i write to you often.... i think!
For sure not the next 2 week, it's harder to find internet in europe while traveling!
you shouldn't complain you have the best friend with you everyday! 2 with Mick!
See ya!

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