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May 23, 2005



...nothing that funny has happened to me lately (that i can think of) ...but the paint thing is pretty hilarious -- i can totally imagine that akward silence RIGHT after it happens..hehe!!... its even funnier that you were cracking up when it happened !! wish i coulda seen it :0)


I went to Jury Duty when I didn't have to today. All the names were read out and mine wasn't one of them. I had even got there an hour early so I wasn't late. So today, I am the biggest tool in the shed. Slowly getting over it with the help of some diet coke.

Your 'incident is pretty funny'. It cracked me up.


Love the story Em - gave me a good laugh ! Sorry, I don't have anything recently embarrassing that springs to mind (though you may think of some ?) However - you have so many hilariously embarrassing stories, I would like to suggest that YOU should share more with us - and let your avid following of fans decide WHICH one made them laugh the most ! Think of all the health benefits you are providing to us all from of a good ole laugh........giggle on ......xx


Seems like I jinxed myself by making the above comment ("nothing embarrassing springs to mind").
Picture this - mad dash around supermarket after work, trying to get to an appointment on time. Back in the car park, loaded the vittles...couldn't see any nearby trolley collection thingies - spotted 2 trolleys neatly parked beside a lampost....great idea, mine can join them. Bad idea - I immediately set off the other 2 trollies on their own journey down a slope, heading straight towards the only other car in that part of the carpark. Middle aged lady doing frenzied dash & lunge (hey, that sounds like an Olympic event !!)to prevent collision...mission accomplished, trollies neatly parked,dignity regained....head back to my car. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see the 2 offending trollies gathering speed again towards the same car. Another wild dash & ungainly lunge, not so succesful this time...collision...man sitting in car actually smiled at me as I made some feeble apology ! As I grabbed the trollies away saw a mark on the car...was it there before or not ? Man in car didn't even bother to look...yes, Em I was embarrassed.


I have always loved this story. Reminds me so much of something I would do....Reminds me of spilling paint on the carpet and sorta trying to get it to blend into the carpet..ha ha ha ha!!

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