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January 30, 2006



Love the list - its inspired me to list 5 things I am grateful for about you right now:
1.so happy you have a lovely little apartment & KNOW it will be a place of inspiration & refuge for all who enter in.
2.grateful that you are thinking positively
3.grateful for modern technology like email,MSN & phones so we can keep in regular contact.
4. grateful for all the wonderful friends you have who sustain & uplift you with the comments on your blog - wow - you ladies are wise & powerful women - your words inspire me !!
5. grateful to be your mum - how did I manage to produce someone so beautiful, inspiring & talented ? (loving that it happened !)hehhee


Your butt has always been fabulous, what are you talking about?!
Glad to hear you reaching for the positives! Let me give you a few.....ahhhh....me....me....me,me,me! There's your 5 for today!


so glad you are feeling better. your mum's message gave me goose bumps (so sweet).


hey... don't know you, never met you, but i think you're cool and we would be friends right away if we ever met... post some photos of the thailand pillows.. would love to see!


So glad to hear that you are feeling better


pausing & being grateful is a great way to lift your spirits. it's one of the things sarah ban breathnach recommends in simple abundance & recently, i've been trying to do it too. glad you're feeling better! :)


glad you are feeling better :) Love your 5 things - can we see your thailand cushions - im loving home decor at the min!! :)

Elizabeth Munro

Em I'm glad that you're feeling a bit better.. you're allowed to be homesick you know :) You're loved and missed... thanks god for the internet!!!


LOL, luv your greatful list! What a great way to take charge and help yourself over the blues! Those "little" things aren't always so little when they add up!


So I'm a little late on all this ... however I really identify with your last post and I so hope that today is a brighter day. And hey, aren't you going to CHA?


avocado does make everything taste better. we need to get some thai together !

(completely unrelated to the avocado thought. im just hungry)


So thrilled to see your art at CHA.
You inspire me constantly Em.
So beautiful the "she becomes"
can't wait to come to L.A.!


Michelle T.

Usually a lurker but saw your article in Scrapbook Answers and loved your work! I am definitely doing a lift of the "soul shines" layout.

I have three boys (twins 4 and almost 10 yr. old). I feel sometimes as if I can hardly catch my breath sometimes with all the neediness. You are not alone. It is hard to maintain a sense of self - I think that is why scrapbooking (or art of any sort) can make you dig deep and find - you are still there.

I think you are incredibly brave to make an across the world move and I wish the best for you and your family. So. Cal. takes a little getting used to. Hang in there!

Dawn S

Great to hear you are feeling more positive Em.Just give yourself time to adapt. I moved often overseas growing up and it does take a bit sometimes before everything clicks into place.

By the way I moved my blog. http://dawnstan.blogspot.com/


Em I used to live on the third floor too and it's great - except when you have to carry groceries. Then it's a pain.

Enjoy the journey!


Glad to hear you are feeling better..I moved to LA 3 years ago, and I still find it hard at times..I lived right where you are living right now, and LOVED it they have the cutest little stores...Email me if you need help getting around..

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