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January 27, 2006



Bummer about the tape (sorry, I'm clueless too). Love that little nook though. Should be fun for scrapping.


sorry about the guitar and bedding...beat, hope someone can @ least get that sticky tape off!

sarah h.

I think peanut butter works to get sticky out of hair, but not out of quilts!!! Sorry about that! I'm sure whatever you do with your house will be fabu!!!!


What a bugger about the guitar :( hope you get the sticky off your bedding


Hey Em,
How fun to unrap all your stuff after so many weeks! Not good about your linen!! yuk! Try a bit of lemon essence for the sticky stuff, but try it on something "Not So Precious First", go easy on your Mum's quilt...Best of luck!


try seeing if you can get eucalytus spray its good for getting sticky stuff off things


I just read back through your blog, now that i've found it... you are one brave girl (brave or Crazy, not sure, lol!). Congrats on the new home! Gotta say,I LOVE unpacking and i LoVE that whole process of finding new places for all your stuff! I can't wait to see what you do to your walls. :)


when i read this.. and what you said about your 'white' walls, it made me laff and think about your 'fork' embedded walkway in OZ! ;-)


Sorry to hear about the tape debacle (sp?), the smashed guitar and all the white walls.
BUT HEY...you're in! Congratulations on making your home and home.


mick's temperament sounds just like my DH's..very mild:) hope you get those marks out

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