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January 19, 2006



I so love it! You are simply amazing Emily. :)


Have Fun Darl! Where does one go camping in LA? What's the weather like over there? It's winter right? So no snow in LA I know that much! How cold does it get though?


Have fuuuun camping and getting all dirty!
Can't wait for the glam shots.

sarah h.

Can't wait to see the glamor that is a Falconbridge camping trip!!!!


Love that spicy paper Em ! I saw the lovely Rebecca Brown had used it on some layouts on her blog (yes Bec, I was lurking !!)


ok...i just had to tell you i was at scrapbooks etc. {in mesa, az} last night and saw the ADORABLE clipboard with your CUTE family on it!! it was SO fun to be in a "real" scrapbook store!! {i just moved to michigan from sunny az!} anyhow...have a splendid day~jill

Dawn S

Hope you had a wonderful time camping. Isn't it winter there? I gather no snow etc or you wouldn't be tenting it.

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