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January 17, 2006


sarah h.

yum for trader joes!

I'm sure your mother Loooooooves stickers. Especially if Ivy's wee hands have touched them!
Thanks for the blog tip!!


Whoa! That's a big talk up about my many and yet varied abilities and talents....although.....quite accurate!hehehe! Ever the humble one, your loving friend thanks you for your comments!


get on a plane and come to kansas city!!! come on, you know you wanna.........


aw. my gal. i have to come out so we can play! hang in there. i can not imagine what it must be like to be halfway around the world... with out your scrap stuff!


Hi Em

I have no idea what Trader Joes is - but thanks heaps for responding to my email about Thailand - I'm with you - I wanna go NOW....See, I've stopped lurking!!! LOL


so, i've been lurking on your blog for about a week and i love your work and your posts are great..just wanted to send a little hello and try not to get too bummed about not having your own place...my family (6 of us) and i lived with my in laws until we got our own place...fun fun..take care!!!!


Love Trader Joe's! See...little things-big happy!Thanks for the e-mail I was thrilled to get it. you are so sweet. I found your blog back in the fall on Lizzy's blog (I met her in Oct. taking the "SHE" track with Heidi Swapp. it was amazing, loved lizzy and her so cool jewelry.love my "she" ring she made)Anyway that is how I found you and I added you to my favortite list-you stuff is great!Can't wait till the books come out! (When you talk to Liz-tell her Snoopy from CKU-A says Hi!)

Try (I'll say try cuz it's not as easy as it sounds) to not get too down. It's a huge change and it just takes time to adjust. Be proud of yourself for making a big move!

Take it easy!


gelson's and whole foods are also good choices for organic shopping. and they are kinda fancy. :)

next week maybe i can come pick you up and you and ivy can stay with us for a day and scrap and play!

Sally M

EM, I am glad to hear things are sorting themselves out. I hope you get settled into your new appartment soon too. PS.....did you ever see the pregnancy LO I did using your papers?? You can see it in the scrapping gallery at my Blog.

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