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January 25, 2006


Michelle Anderson

looks really cute em cant wait to see the after pics! im so happy you feel normal again!!


YAY!!! i am so happy everything is coming together for you Em...cant wait to see those pics!! and look at that nice big window!!


Glad you're feeling more at home... can't wait to see you creating again :))


congrats on reaching a level of normality em.
can't wait to see some "normaility-inspired" los flowing from your creative hands again soon


p.s. happy australia day


Melissa H

looks like a nice spot!! congrats on driving yourself to target - i dont know how soon i could do that, driving on the wrong side of the road!! have fun setting up all of your gear!


Congrats em on your new home!!!! Happy Australia Day...


Sitting here in an internet cafe in Rockingham on Australia Day thinkin bout you!!! So glad you're in your own place! Can't wait to see it! Shouldn't you be online at all times in the off chance I'll come online??? What is going on???


YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! I saw that it was Australia day on my calendar. I have no idea what that day is or what you may do to celebrate it, but know that I thought of you today! SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that you are FINALLY in your own place! Take a moment to be still and breathe and know that you are watched over!


Yay for you Em. Enjoy turning your new place into your home! How exciting, have fun!


looks great... cute little nook!


omgosh! so dang quaint and fab!! i know you'll have this place 'home' soon! so glad you're adapting to your new surrounding elements em! i know exactly how you feel- glad things are finally falling into place. it's been a journey, huh? i'd love to read your journal about this whole process someday ;-)


Congratulations!! Can't wait to see it all decorated. :o)


Thrilled for you and your family!
Have fun decorating!


YAY!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with decorating..I myself suck at it..but hey...CONGRATS!!!!

danielle thompson

congrats on your new home, emily! glad to have found your blog! :-)


Welcome to your new home! Hope you enjoy the process of making it yours. tena


so glad to see you settling in. wonderful.


hey Em
we miss you guys so much!! we are so glad that you've got a place to call your own again, i'm sure you'll be able to make it as cute as your place back here in aussie land. How's Ivy settling in? Mick enjoying his job? we love you guys...thinking of u, can't wait to come visit.
lov pam, corey, callum and meisha

sarah h.


Sally M

I am so happy for you Emily! We could be in the same boat as you in the not so distant future...as a move to Scotland could be on the cards for us!


Love the window! Kinda like our window at Cadogan Street don't you think? Looking forward to seeing how you decorate --- only 4 and a half months to go :)Luv ya. xxxx

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