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October 29, 2006



Ivy is a DOLL and looked like a true Princess : ). I can't believe those people MADE those costumes! Good Grief. Your soup was YUMMY! You must post the recipe for all to have!


Yours and Micks costumes are so scarey!...Hahaha! Looks like a fun night out! Ivy looks SO beautiful! I miss her!

PROLIX from la Normandie

You're so lucky!
What a shame we don't have the same things here : parties, halloween suits in the street (here often only children are disguised, but not in every towns, and adults wait the night, hem), garden decorations etc...

I find it so fun and make your world so happier!


I love your pics!
Merci for sharing!


Boy, those Yanks sure know how to dress up!! I love that Ivy's dress "touched the ground like a real princess" - so sweet. Yep, your costume was really convincing LOL

deb munn

I'm so glad you had a good time despite your terrible cold. Could Ivy be any cuter??? No... I don't think she could!! Such a doll!!

Getting ready for the onslaught of kids on Tuesday night here and very thankful that the weather looks like it is going to cooperate again this year. Nothing worse than a rainy Halloween and too much leftover candy. Bad, bad, bad!!

I hope you feel better em... take it easy... rest up!!

Happy Halloween :)


looks like fun...minus the cold...poor thing! xoxo


Love these pictures! The costumes are FABULOUS! I love the decorated trunk idea. TOO FUN:) We had our annual Halloween party yesterday. Really gettin' in the mood. Happy Halloween!


Looks like you had loads of fun.. Halloween is awesome my husband and I got married on Halloween..

Rachel Greig

great trunks!! Happy Halloween!


yeah, our ward does trunk-or-treat only when halloween falls on a sunday. I used to feel sorry for the kids - not going door-to-door, but holy cow - they got SO much loot!
glad you had fun - your princess is lovely.


Until two days ago, I'd never heard of "trunk-or-treat" and now I've heard about it from two different people! I wonder if it is a regional kind of thing? We still do the old door-to-door thing on Halloween night...this seems like a much nicer option, frankly!


what a lot of pirates. We had probably a dozen or so at our trunk or treat too! Trendy pillagers!


I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago & put it in my favs (hope you don't mind), anyway when I saw your post about trunk or treat I thought, hmm, that term sounds so familiar. Just like what we used to do in my ward when I was little. Then I saw you mention ward & I thought...ah ha! A fellow LDSer!!!!! So I wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog immensly & your layouts!!!


Wow--our ward doesn't go out like that for trunk or treat!! Ha ha ha. In a way I am sad for the trunk or treat taking the place of going house to house (like I had as a kid) but it sure does get it over with faster LOL Especially when it is cold!


How funny! I just remembered this morning that you told me you put a pic of us on your blog from the "trunk-or-treat" but had forgot to ever check it out. That is a terrible picture of me! hahaha. I guess I look more old-fashion vampirey, but somehow wish I looked more like a princess like Ivy. Maybe I'll make a princess dress for me next year. One that touches the ground and everything and wont scare all the kids at the trunk-or-treat. Too fun.


Oh yah. Here's a link about the costume sewing and our Halloween on my blog.

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