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November 20, 2006


Melissa H

you don't seem to have much luck with your wisdoms... i remember them being a problem when you were here! i LOVE your handwriting in wooden letters, it looks awesome! hope you're feeling better soon!


LOVE the letters... !!! So sorry to hear your smarts are getting to you! I had all 4 removed at one time when I was in college so I have felt your pain! I LOVE my headband... I was dumb to just buy one! :)
Feel better soon...

Jamie K

Hi Emily!!
I got your email about Vegemite and I'm actually considering trying it. Now, what is the "best" way to eat the stuff? I love butter and can almost drink the stuff, but when I do toast, I'm talking it's butterlogged. so where does the Vegemite come in? I just might try it for breakfast.

oh boogers, just checked the fridge and I threw the Vegemite pat away!! I'll have to see if my brother has anymore, I got it from him...


aww sorry to hear you have been sick!!Youre letters look really good,but what is gesso??Think i am going trying to make some,thanks for the inspiration!!


sunshine and glitter and rainbows are coming...




Kelly McCaleb

i LOVE those letters! how cute above a door! and i hope you feel better :(

Susan D.

sorry you've been sick...love those letters! they rock...and i'm pretty sure that "cost plus world market" carries vegemite...


so cool...love those letters!!! i know about Christmas....where has the time gone??? i lvoe Christmastime and i know its going to fly by.


I too have seen Vegemite sold in L.A. but I cannot recall where it was... :-{
I tried to ask at the british tea room/store near my office (in the OC) and was told very FRANKLY by the elderly gentleman (use your best Brit accent here)...Oh My Dear...we do not carry THAT! Surely you know we ONLY carry products from the UK... This all took place as I was buying a stack of Violet Crumble bars and Coffee Crisps!!!
OO = rolling eyes here!

nicole   irvin

eeecccckkkk still no vegemite!!!!!!!!
xoxo nicole


Greatest letters! So colorful. Love them!!


aww, sorry you aren't feeling good!! Tooth pain is awful!

LOVE your Peace letters!!! They are absolutely perfect!!


love your letters....i'm lucky to live only away from janna so i can pick up more letters anytime whhooohooo...i used the wonderful colourful glitter you sent me on my very first letter....love it..thanks again...hope you are feeling well soon

PROLIX from la Normandie

Letters are stunning!



luv, luv, luurv the letters!
hope the tooth is on the mend!! :)


Oh those "PEACE"-letters are so lovely!!
Lucky you having them over your door. ;)
Yes it's soon Desember, and we are so looking foreward to that. I'm a real X-mas-fan.
Love to decorate my house, make stuf for my friends and family and so on.
Have a nice day, E.


Petrina McDonald

Wow - love the letters!

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