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November 27, 2006


Lara Moss

love it!

is it marmite or vegemite that's been 'banned' over there - the vit B content or something?

sarah green

They wouldn't DARE ban Marmite...can't say I like Vegemite but then again I'm Kiwi not Australian I am a Marmite girl... and yep we love the crunchies, freddo's everything else in your photo! ENJOY and what a nice friend you have..I would have eaten it before it got in the package...

Lee Longmire

Horray for you guys Em, that is a sweet haul of goodies. I hope you had a blast de-gutsing the freddos. I love sucking the caramel out of them!
Lee :)

nicole   irvin

as kath and kim would say noice very noice!!
xoxoxo nicole


yum scrum... was thinkin of you guys as i munched on my vegemite toast this morning! won't feel so guilty now, knowing you guys will be enjoying it too! :)


Yay! Maltesers, aw! Now I'm just jealous!


so glad you got your vegemite, i was actually thinking of you the other day !! when i was at the supermarket, as i bought some vegemite !!
let me know if you when you want some more !
take care
PS I know what it's like to live away from home !


I love maltesers! I got so addicted to them in England, and American whoppers are just not even in the same league. I've eaten vegemite often growing up in Hawaii my best friends parents were from Australia and Singapore so we always had really interesting meals over there. Vegemite was a staple for them but I must say although I ate it I was never quite in love with it. Haha. It is nice to have things from home though.


Dont you just love it.. pieces of memories from home.. how wonderful.. yeah for you guys.. its these little things.. that make home seem not so far away..


We were lucky enought to bring a 2KG bucket of vegemite with us when we moved here. I would not have lasted without it. There are so many other things fro home I am missing.


nothing like a little taste of home, especially at the Holidays!

Sarah van Wijck



Oh my gosh..I just noticed I think we totally have the same couch..


WeetBix? Wow...yum!!! Please share!!!

Glad to see Gloria the Vegemite 'dealer' sent you a care package from home. What a good friend! :)

Judy in Carefree

Every time I see a picture of Ivy it makes me smile and think of my three darling grandchildren. She is sooo...cute!

Urban Plantation

Hi Emily:

Thanks for the challenge on DW Color you helped me to kick it up a notch :)


Rachel Greig

Em, I'm even sitting here IN Australia, and that parcel off goodies is making my mouth water!!!!


Hooray! I love care packages from home (only my home is not so far... Idaho). I'll have to try a little of your vegemite, but only a little, on a cracker or something. I know it's precious. :) I also need to come over and look at your Thailand pictures. My sister gave my dad a scrapbook for his birthday with pictures from their trip to Thailand and it was beautiful!


anytime, sweetie, anytime.


Di Hickman

hey E just catching up on your blog
you know Trader Joes sells weetabix! Also look out for "Brit food stores" in your local area. There are a few about, most sell stuff like maltesers/boosts etc, and Crisps. I *think* they sell vegemite too!

Di - Brit living in America

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