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November 19, 2006


Lee Longmire

I had to jump out of lukerdom for this post Emily!!
You should have put out a vegemite SOS on your blog - I am sure some of us Aussies could have organised a care package for you (with a couple of packs of TimTams thrown in for good measure)! I have used the "travel tubes" of the black goodness before to send my bro when he was in Canada, and they hardly cost anything to post!! Keep it in mind for next time OK!
Lee :)

Bek~Aussie Chick~

Oh darlin....
You & and yours are coming home for an Aussie barbie chrissy.. yeah?!
Just count the sleeps.
Bek :-)

Dede Warren

do tel...

what is vegemite?? i have only heard of it in the song..

it is like... what??

Jen Smith

I want to know too...what is it??? Men at Work made it known, but just what did they make known...hmmm?


I am also a mother in the States who has a child who takes it in his lunch everyday. We have nanny and poppa send it from New Zealand. It cost more to send than to buy. I have found an international food store that sells it in very small jars and that tides us over until they restock us.


what does it taste like? is there anything you can compare it to for us US girls who hae never had it


That is so funny Emily...my Dad who is australian came in Canada in 1975 and struggled forever trying to find vegemite...we had a bulk store special order it for him at quite a ppremium...as kids we thought it was just awful smelling and tasting...he told us it was the wax from a kanagroos ear....then he got my daughter hooked on it...tiny little Canadian two year old with vegemite breath!


i have seen vegemite at Cost Plus--do they have any of those stores in CA? your diy episode was great!

Dale Anne

Emily..........go this site, you can order in USA:
The place is in Washington.

melissa godin

what's in it? what does it taste like?


It is the yummiest. Some comparisons are Marmite (as an aussie i don't like anything other than vegemite). I thought it wasn't allowed to be brought into the states anymore because it contains folic acid or something like that. there was a thing on aussie tv not that long ago about it


you can get marmite in the states or at least in NY it is english marmite but and i know i know you all say its so different but it still has that taste that only kiwis aussie and south africans seem to be able to stand LOL you might be able to find bovril (SA) which is also similar.
PS Marmite rocks!
DH replies no vegemite all the way

nicole   irvin

yikes you poor darlings, NO vegemite this just makes me want to put my arms around you and tell you everything will be alright the jar is on its way!!!!!!!
xoxo nicole


Emily - I am in Brisbane.. and would be happy to send you aussie food - if you can cant find something in the states.. and NEED it... let me know :)


Just went through that site you linked too.. I cant see anything you might miss and cant get.. but the offer stands!

Tanya Reedy

I'm a proud Promite Girl my hubby thinks I am a trator but I have also convinced my two boys that Promite is better than Vegimite. Dont get me wrong I love Vegimite too but Promite is much milder and creamier.


Emily, you just have to plan ahead. Anyone who comes to stay has to bring the essentials...vegemite, tim tams, cadbury chocolate, Aussie Milo (it tastes different here), chocolate frogs and caramello koalas for birthday parties, that sort of thing. Although I have been know to use those Aussie websites (there's a few of them here) to get things like dessicated coconut to make lamingtons for the kids to take to school on Aus day, and I once paid ridiculous amounts of money for a Xmas pudding because my mum was here and she had to have one. But planning ahead and training your guests to ask what you need is the best way. And my dad recently brought vegemite in, so it can get through, and my mother in law always brings the chocolate side of things (unfortunately they don't last as long as the vegemtite).


Just last week we ran out too and there's no Vegemite in Mexico...so Im waiting to get back to New York to find it. But isn't it funny how foreigners dont like it. Its my favourite thing...along with Turkish Delight, Cherry Ripes, and Weetbix....


american girls-it tastes like salty weird crap. hahahaha
i really wanted to like it. i really really did!!!!

PROLIX from la Normandie

what's vegemite? a kind of salted nutella???
and what's marmite???


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


I didn't read your comments so someone might have already told you but if you have a Cost Plus World Market in your area they sell Vegemite! We get my step-grandma a jar every year - she loves the stuff.
Here's a link to the store finder:



No, no, no... just a pale imitation of Marmite!!! LOL Now, how come Ivy will eat it and I have never been able to get my DD to eat Marmite, even though I tried when she was very little? She says it's cos she was born in France. Try getting a French person to eat Marmite. It's never been done. Trust me on this!


Eeeeek just looked at that website. $1.75 for A FLAKE??!?!?!? Daylight robbery. And chocolate frogs, are they Freddo's? We have those - 10p each. Although I think they've gone up to 12 or 13p. Yum. Do you want some? I'll send you some, no probs!


Oh, I gotta say I hated it!
A coworker brought it over from her trip once.
It was tolerable if you had just enough butter to balance the taste...
Any other products I should try? lol


Yep, I used to work for Cost Plus - they sell it there! :) Good luck and enjoy...especially when you don't have to pay so much for it!

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