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November 14, 2006


Melissa H

wow - i wish we got that over here!!! would love to see you - make up and all!!! i'm sure you did great, you always do! hugs to you...


I just DVRed it!!
I don't want to miss it.
So excited for you.
I can't wait to see it.


omg!! i am totally DVRing it!!

fiona Leehane

I'm sure you are just *fab*....*fiona*


WOW! This is so COOOL! Congratulations to you!!
I have looked at your projects (at the link you gave above) and it is all so amazing.
Love your style.
You are really a source of inspiration, Emily.
Thanks alot!! :-)

nicole   irvin

Here I am stalking your blog again.......need to know what your doing ......why I just dont know...But you rock isnt it great that I've come out of the shadows and no longer lurk!!!! And my spellings improved to.
nicole xoxo


Congrats girl... thats so awesome.. I will have to make note and try to watch it.. or record it so I can watch it I just now have to go figure out which channel # is the DIY channel.. ( sorry I am a bit lame )

Georgia Parsons

bummer! We don't get DIY because we had to get satellite so I could have BBC America and my darling Hubbby sentanta sports...ie rugby!


I have a reminder set! Cant wait to see it!


deb munn

Oh I wish I were going to be home today to see you!! You will be FABULOUS!! I'm excited for you!!

If you find any of that cool bark paper, you've got to let me know... I too have some camping pictures that would be greatly benefitted by that yummy paper :)



So sorry we don't have DIY network .. here in France.Have to ask some nice girl to send me a copyyyyyy !!!!! Anyway, congrats to you and thanks for the link of your beautiful projects ( full of techniques )MERCI !!


Wow Emily, love your mini album and that paper. I've just been through to the site and will definitely be buying. Thanks as always for the inspiration. I'm at work now but busting to get home and make yet another mini album.


You are so cute.
Just finished watching.
Great books.
I love them all.

jill s

WOW! how cool are you?!

i SO wish i had that channel!

your projects look cool though!!!

AND...i just ordered your scratchy alpha stamps...SO excited about that.




I still don't understand why all these women are so into frilly paper crap, but good luck on the show anyway.

Linda Thompson

I watched it! WOW!
You were awesome, captivating, fun, articulate and so cute!
And what a talent! So happy for you!
I am sooo impressed, motivated, inspired and excited to start a travel journal scrap book!

Hey, I was at Lucky #15 last night to see Heidi Swapp demo her products, scrap a layout and wow the heck out of me!
LOVE that scrap store! I live in Phx. but had not heard of it till you went on and on about it on your blog! Thanks Emily!
(pics on my blog)


Phooey! I missed it...guess I have to wait for it's one scheduled repeat? Hopefully they'll have you do more of these soon! I bet it was terrific :)

melissa godin

That is so cool!!! I wish I got the DIY channel!

Anne Sheridan

Fantastic! You rocked the show and who doesn't love him? A boy scrapper? With tats? Love him!!! New favorite show! Fun to hear your accent! Your books were awesome and what a fun challenge to use less "commercial" product! Yippie! I'm saving it on my TIVO forever!

Lene S

Awesome!! I really wish I could watch that show, bet you rocked;o) The album is beautiful!



hand model agents will be contacting you shortly, i'm sure! ;)
looks very cool, em! way to go!

PROLIX from la Normandie

Félicitations Emily!!!

Prolix from la Normandie
{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Oh no! I totally didn't pay attention to your blog entry's date and I thought it was on TV today! I hope they rerun it! I'm sure you were great! "Scrap" is set on my DVR now!


SO wish i could see it! :o)


Heck freakin' NO!!!! This is why I need to get cable. I hope your debut was awesome!!!!

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