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November 07, 2006



ah, where is the answer to control clutter? Let me know if you find it. I am on an eternal quest.


love the photos Em...the quest for clutter ...aah ...see www.flylady.net
my fav. website (apart from your blog of course Em !!)


I can't imagine how it must feel to be so far away from your family. The knots of torn emotions of making new friends you cherish (Tara and others) yet missing the friends of your life in Aussie.

But I think that you will find comfort in both places and when you go back to Australia you will feel these same emotions for what you will leave behind here. And we, your American friends will miss you just as much.

Hang in there Em! Enjoy the ride.


I have a kitchen helper too!...and limited space...and lots of clutter!...same,same but different!...


lovely pics em... jamz is sitting next to me saying: "ivy's hair is getting bigger!" she looks so sweet...

Lene S

Hi Em :o) They say home is where the heart is..I guess that is true.. And you seem like a person that really can make a home anywhere! I don´t know if I could have done that..honestly! It´s good to have things around that meens something special...and most important..your loved ones. Love the picture of your cute, cute little kitchen helper! She´s adorable :o) :o)

lynn Thune

Found your Blog on a little unwell. Fabulous pictures, and great layouts as well!!


Anna-Marie Still

you are in my head today girl - feeling the same way about my home and my mess! Trying to remain thankful knowing that many others would be thrilled to call this "shoebox" their home. Gotta find a way to organize things so we aren't tripping over bins and boxes and piles around here! Cleaning my studio/office today - hopin' that will make me feel more peaceful!

kelly mccaleb

both of those pictures make me very happy

lynn Thune

Sorry about the typo on my previous entry!! You want to see Chaos, check out my blog
What a disaster, looks better today though, tried to organize a bit yesterday!!



Lovely to see bits and bobs of your home.. and what a great helper you have there


awesome pictures!


mmmm that top picture is so so beautiful.

deb munn

LOVE the picture of your home. Love that "home" can be made wherever you happen to live... it's not the building, it's where you feel comfortable and safe and loved... and I love that :)

So... does your kitchen helper always wash apples with her pearls on?? Em... Ivy gets more adorable every time I see her picture!! Love this to pieces!!



The pictures from your home is so beautyful.
I think you should love your home even if the living-situation isn't the best....
I know what I'm talking about....moved 5 times the last 10 years.....
When you are able to love your home it will allways be a good place to come home to, and even if it is a mess people will feel welcome.... ;)
Home is where the hart is.... ;-)

And: I think all scrapbookers have scrapbook-stuff all over.... I have.... well...not in the bathroom....
My husband must be a very patient man.....LOL

Love the picture of your little kitchen-helper. She is so cute!! :-)
I love to have my kids helping me in the kitchen as well. ;)

Have a nice day my friend.



well home is a blessing no matter what cluttered state it may be in....the blessings are just sometimes harder to spot through the clutter...i am going to flylady my house today and try to de-clutter a bit more in our unending quest of removing clutter...

Donna Webb

hi em! this is the first 'comment' i have made, but i am an avid aussie fan! I fell inlove with your work in scrapbook creations and have loved it since. You are amazing!

How did you get your gold walls to look so good!?

All the best!

Xx donna xX

Jen Smith

This has nothing to do with your post...but I just realized that your husband has the same first name as Crocodile Dundee. That just sort of popped in my head when I read the first sentence. I bet you've never been told that before right? :)

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